Dream Labyrinth

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Dream Labyrinth - The island located to the east of Fenrock is accessible after completing the Bribe Dragon Quest.
This island is characterized not only by its surface attractions, but also by extensive underground labyrinths and mines, where elves reside, just like in other parts of the island.

Dream Labyrinth.png

  • Below is a list of monsters that can be encountered at this place.
Monster Name Health Experience Exp/Hp
Winter Elf.png Winter Elf 5,400 4,700 0.87
Winter Elf Fencer.png Winter Elf Fencer 6,000 5,400 0.9
Winter Elf Harbinger.png Winter Elf Harbinger 6,500 5,800 0.89
Elf Miner.png Elf Miner 5,500 6,000 1.09
Crazed summer rearguard.gif Crazed Summer Rearguard 5,200 6,150 1.18
Crazed summer vanguard.gif Crazed Summer Vanguard 6,100 7,150 1.19
Insane siren.gif Insane Siren 6,900 8,450 1.22

Dream Labyrinth2.png