Exercise Weapons

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Exercise Weapons are items that allow one to train their skills faster than regular training.
There are exercise weapons for each skill and two types of each for magic level (Rods and Wands).
These weapons can be purchased either in-game for in-game currency (see table below).

  • To use these weapons you need to be at least level 200.
  • In order for a character to train with such weapon, they have to 'use with' it on an Exercise Dummy.
  • If you own a house you can also use either a Demon Exercise Dummy, Ferumbras Exercise Dummy or a Monk Exercise Dummy.
  • If you have a regular shield equipped, while training skills such as club, sword, axe, or bow, your shielding level will also increase as if you were blocking attacks from two monsters.
  • Using exercise weapons as club, axe, sword, bow or shield you skilling 3 times faster compared to standard training methods. This means that one exercise weapon gives 9 hours of regular training.
Name Weight Charges
Exercise Sword Exercise Sword.png 10.0 5400
Exercise Axe Exercise Axe.png 10.0 5400
Exercise Club Exercise Club.png 10.0 5400
Exercise Bow Exercise Bow.png 10.0 5400
Exercise Wand Exercise Wand.png 10.0 5400
Exercise Rod Exercise Rod.png 10.0 5400
Exercise Shield Exercise Shield.png 10.0 5400
Lasting Exercise Sword Lasting Exercise Sword.png 10.0 21600
Lasting Exercise Axe Lasting Exercise Axe.png 10.0 21600
Lasting Exercise Club Lasting Exercise Club.png 10.0 21600
Lasting Exercise Bow Lasting Exercise Bow.png 10.0 21600
Lasting Exercise Wand Lasting Exercise Wand.png 10.0 21600
Lasting Exercise Rod Lasting Exercise Rod.png 10.0 21600
Lasting Exercise Shield Exercise Shield.png 10.0 21600