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Frozanverian Health Experience Location
Frozanverian.png 200,000 1,300,000 (per player) Frozanver
  • Follow the map below for the way to switch(entrance).
  • This daily boss requires atleast 1 and max 4 peoples with level 300+.
  • This daily boss can be done once per server save.

Start from Frozanver to get there the you must have Anvers Island Quest, and start the Depths of Anvers Quest first part the 'Frozen Bridge' completed.

Frozanverian way.png

In the last rooms, we will encounter a creature named Frostgaze Beholder which, upon each team's entry, becomes resistant to all elements except ONE RANDOMLY, so it's a good idea to bring every runes representing each of these elements with you (Fire, Poison, Energy, Physical, Ice). If we don't clear a given room, we won't move on.

Frozanverian room.png