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An underwater location northeast of the island of Nargor with all types of Quaras as well as Sea Serpents. You can only get there from Captain Max's ship after renting a Helmet of the Deep from him for (5000gp) and putting it on your head.

Marlassa i places north of Calassa is home to one of the missions from the Explorer Society Quest.


Creatures found on the island: Quara Constrictor, Quara Mantassin, Quara Hydromancer, Quara Pincher, Quara Predator, Sea Serpent.


  • Below is a list of monsters that can be encountered at this hunting place.
Monster Name Health Experience Exp/Hp
Quara Mantassin.gif Quara Mantassin 800 400 0.5
Quara Constrictor.gif Quara Constrictor 450 250 0.55
Quara Pincher.gif Quara Pincher 1,800 1,200 0.66
Quara Predator.gif Quara Predator 2,200 1,600 0.72
Quara Hydromancer.gif Quara Hydromancer 1,100 800 0.72
Sea Serpent.gif Sea Serpent 1,950 2,600 1.33