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Free Mounts

You can simply get a mount by renting it. The time that you will own it equals 24 hour. Then you can repeat the process. All you need is Gold Coin.gif 1000 gold, Carrot.gif 5 carrots and Bunch of Wheat.gif 3 bunches of wheat. The option is available in Thais and Venore. (You don't need golden account).

Start a conversation with Palomino or Appaloosa:

  • Player: Hi
  • Palomino / Appaloosa: Salutations, Player I guess you are here for the horses.
  • Player: Rent
  • Palomino / Appaloosa: I can rent you a horse for one day at a price of 1000 gold, but that's not all. You also have to bring me 3 bunches of wheat and 5 carrots so I can feed him before the journey. Do you agree?
  • Player: Yes
  • Palomino / Appaloosa: I'll give you one of our experienced ones. Take care! Look out for low hanging branches.

Thais                          Venore

Thais Mount.png Venore Mount.png

Store Mounts

Name Look Type Points
Donkey Mule.gif 50
Water Buffalo Water buffalo.gif 50
Armoured War Horse Armoured war horse.gif 50
Steelbeak Steelbeak.gif 50
Panda Tamed panda.gif 50
War Bear War bear.gif 50
Racing Bird Racing bird.gif 50
War Horse War horse.gif 50
Kingly Deer Kingly deer.gif 75
Gnarlhound Gnarlhound.gif 75
Dromedary Dromedary.gif 75
Magma Crawler Magma crawler.gif 75
Noctungra Noctungra.gif 75
Shadow Draptor Shadow draptor.gif 75
Manta Ray Manta ray.gif 75
Ursagrodon Ursagrodon.gif 75
Stampor Stampor.gif 75
Platesaurian Platesaurian.gif 75
Ironblight Ironblight.gif 75
Dragonling Dragonling.gif 75
Desert King Desert king.gif 75
Lady Bug Lady bug.gif 75
Draptor Draptor.gif 75
Noble Lion Noble lion.gif 75
Black Sheep Black sheep.gif 75
Mole Mole.gif 75
Crimson Ray Crimson ray.gif 75
Crystal Wolf Crystal wolf.gif 75
Blazebringer Blazebringer.gif 75
Rapid Boar Rapid boar.gif 75
Tempest Tempest.gif 75
King Scorpion Scorpion king.gif 150
Hellgrip The hellgrip.gif 150
Magic Carpet Magic carpet.gif 150
Midnight Panther Midnight panther.gif 150
Uniwheel Uniwheel.gif 150
Tiger Slug Tiger slug.gif 150
Widow Queen Widow queen.gif 150
Tombstinger Tombstinger.gif 150
Tin Lizzard Tin lizzard.gif 150
Undead Cavebear Undead cavebear.gif 150
Phantasmal Jade Phantasmal jade.gif 150
Titanica Titanica.gif 150