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On this page you will find all information about Daily Sieges on the Realera server.

  • The siege is completed only after taking the reward, and afterwards it is not possible to enter it again.
  • To use Daily Sieges, you need to have a Golden Account.
  • If you stay there longer than 3 minutes in the reward room you will get a forced teleport.
  • The Bosses can be performed once per server save (24 hours).

Daily Sieges:

Name Boss Level (required) Reward (percentage) Experience Location
Desert Siege Amonhoteph.gif 50 0-100 Platinum Coin(100%), 0-100 Platinum Coin(100%), 100 Assassin Star(40%), 20 Small Emerald(56%), 20 Small Amethyst(56%), 1 Wand of Plague(14.4%), 1 Ring of Healing(20%), 1 Northwind Rod(14.4%), 1 Skull Staff(16%), 1 Boots of Haste(9.6%), 1 Scarab Shield(24%), 5 Scarab Coin(32%), 1 Scarab Amulet(64%), 1 Lich Staff(7.2%), 1 Serpent Sword(32%), 1 Beastslayer Axe(16%), 1 Dragon Hammer(16%), 1 Giant Sword(6.4%), 20 Power Bolt(12%), 1 Pharaoh Sword(4%), 1 Blood Orb(1.6%), 1 Focus Cape(9.6%), 1 Knight Legs(12%). 56,000 Ankrahmun
Ice Siege Finkregh.png 70 1 Crystal Coin(100%), 20 Small Sapphire(100%), 20 Small Diamond(100%), 30 Enchanted Spears(36%), 50 Assassin Stars(36%), 3 Gold Ingot(20%), Key Ring(7.2%), Ice Rapier(100%), Platinum Amulet(56%), Northwind Rod(32%), Fluffy Santa Backpack(8%), Vampire Shield(20%), Crystalline Armor(14.4%), Blue Legs(22.4%), Blue Robe(24.8%), Dragon Scale Mail(10.4%), Skull Helmet(7.2%), Dragon Lance(20%), Warrior Helmet(28%), Boots of Haste(14.4%), Reaper's Axe(8%), Northern Star(8%), Sapphire Hammer(28%), Jade Hammer(16.8%), Nightmare Blade(7.2%), Frozenbreath Wand(1%), Frozenbreath Rod(1%). 120,000 Tundra
Castle Siege Lord of The Dungeons2.png 100 1-4 Crystal Coins(100%), 1-30 Small Emerald(56%), 1-30 Small Amethyst(56%), 1-40 Black Pearl(56%), Gold Ring(40%), Golden Amulet(24%), 1-5 Gold Ingot(24%), Wand of Starstorm(20%), Northwind Rod(20%), Boots of Haste(9.6%), Key Ring(16%), Spiritascalon(3.2%), Golden Trophy(2%), Demonbone(2%), Golden Legs(7.2%), Golden Armor(16%), Backpack of Heaven(8%), Angelic Axe(32%), 1-100 Assassin Star(40%), Steel Boots(12%), Dragon Scale Mail(8%), Crusader Helmet(24%), Angelic Amulet(16%), Knight Legs(24%), Angel Spellbook(3.2%), Angel Greaves(2.4%), Ring of The Sky(16%), Eagle Shield(24%), 1-3 Small Enchanted Ruby(24%), Titanium Bow(8%). 160,000 The Castle
Dark Siege Demonic giant spider.png 120 1-6 Crystal Coins(100%), 1-30 Demonic Essence(100%), 1-40 Small Emerald(56%), 1-40 Small Topaz(56%), 1-5 Gold Ingot(24%), 1-50 Black Pearl(56%), 1-30 Talon(56%), Berserk Potion(24%), Angel Crystalplate(3.2%), Robe Of The Underworld(1.2%), Demon Shield(8%), Steel Boots(12%), Butcher's Axe(8%), Death Ring(8%), Vile Axe(8%), Helmet of Demonic Fire(2%), Giant Sword(20%), Violet Gem(5.6%), Red Gem(8%), Mastermind Shield(5.6%), Knight Armor(28%), Knight Legs(28%), Volcanic Rod(56%), Guardian Shield(56%), Magic Plate Armor(2.4%), Ring of Healing(40%), Demon Trophy(16%), Demonrage Sword(24%), Fire Axe(24%), Thunder Hammer(1.6%), Mythril Axe(4%), Ruthless Axe(3.2%). 340,000 Dark Cathedral
Elven Siege The Elven Wizard.png 150 1-8 Crystal Coins(100%), 1-10 Giant Shimmering Pearl(100%), 1-30 Brown Crystal Splinter(100%), 1-60 Small Topaz(100%), 1-50 White Pearl(100%), 1-5 Gold Ingot(80%), Berserk Potion(32%), Mastermind Potion(32%), Bullseye Potion(32%), Blue Gem(11.2%), Violet Gem(8%), Angel Spellbook(3.2%), Golden Legs(6.4%), Crown Legs(14.4%), Fireborn Giant Armor(1.6%), Necromancer Shield(3.2%), Terra Boots(9.6%), Steel Boots(10.4%), Royal Axe(2.4%), Reaper's Axe(8%), Mercenary Sword(18.4%), Demonbone Amulet(9.6%), Crystal Mace(16%), Knight Armor(32%), Knight Legs(32%), Tempest Rod(40%), Dragon Shield(56%), Nightmare Blade(9.6%), Queen's Sceptre(24%), Sea Serpent Trophy(8%), Ring of The Sky(24%), Noble Axe(24%), Havoc Blade(5.6%), Firewalker Boots(4.8%), Archangel Rod(4%), Backpack of Heaven(1%). 540,000 Elvers
Fermur Siege Armagedragon.png 200 1-10 Crystal Coins(100%), 1-5 Gold Ingot(5.6%), 1-100 Small Topaz(100%), 1-15 Violet Crystal Shard(100%), 1-40 Red Crystal Fragment(100%), 1-20 Dead Weight(100%), 1-40 Frazzle Skin(100%), 1-40 Frazzle Tongue(100%), Cluster of Solace(32%), Boots of Haste(24%), Shadow Sceptre(48%), Sight of Surrender's Eye(8%), Wolf Backpack(48%), Divine Axe(16%), Divine Blade(16%), Infernal Legs(2.4%), Hellreaver(4.8%), Tyrannical Mace(4.8%), Hellfire Sword(4.8%), Amulet of Elemental Protection(12%), Infused Defender(2.4%), Titanium Bow(24%), Dragon Robe(4%), Divine Energy Sceptre(3.2%), Terra Mantle(24%), Terra Boots(32%), Mercenary Sword(20%), Steel Boots(32%), Royal Helmet(40%), Crown Shield(64%). 800,000 Fermur
Undead Siege Zorvorath.png 230 6-12 Crystal Coins(100%), 5-25 Green Crystal Shard(100%), 10-50 Red Crystal Fragment(100%), 5-35 Small Topaz(70%), 1-4 Gold Ingot(26%), 5-70 Black Pearl(70%), Bones of Zorvorath(100%), Black Skull(80%), 5-16 Soul Orb(70%), 2-3 Unholy Bone(47%), 2-4 Bowl of Terror Sweat(62%), 5-40 Demonic Essence(45%), 1-18 Hardened Bone(30%), 1-3 Pair of Hellflayer Horns(40%), Skull Fetish(20%), 1-3 Hellhound Slobber(22%), Grey Tome(19%), Helmet of Hellish Damnation(2.4%), Skull Helmet(31%), Divine Plate(12%), Knight Legs(90%), Boots of Haste(70%), Ebonblade Axe(15%), Dragonbone Staff(80%), Phantom Backpack(3%), Magic Plate Armor(6%), Dreaded Cleaver(70%), Titanium Bow(23%), Sorcerer: Amethyst Warlocks's Legs(1.8%), Druid: Earthquake-proof Legs(1.8%), Knight: Obsidian Greaves(1.8%), Paladin: Celestial Magus Greaves(1.8%) 1,000,000 Anvers
Infernal Siege Infernashar.gif 280 6-12 Crystal Coins(100%), 5-25 Violet Crystal Shard(100%), 10-50 Red Crystal Fragment(100%), 5-35 Small Ruby(70%), Gold Ring(76%), 5-70 White Pearl(70%), Golden Sickle(35%), Star Amulet(25%), Some Golden Fruits(25%), Red Tunic(11%), 0-40 Infernal Bolt(60%), Demonbone Amulet(19%), Wand of Inferno(100%), Fire Sword(90%), Golden Armor(12%), Violet Gem(32%), Yellow Gem(100%), Underworld Rod(15%), Wand of Voodoo(15%), Demonrage Sword(16%), Steel Boots(21%), Demon Shield(19%), Magma Boots(70%), Magma Monocle(70%), Infernal Spellbook(3.1%), Magma Amulet(70%), Crystal Mace(25%), Spellbook of Warding(50%), Blaze Quiver(1.2%), Infernal Legs(3.2%), Sorcerer: Amethyst Sorcerer's Robe(1.8%), Druid: Storm-borne Robe(1.8%), Knight: Shadow Obsidian Plate(1.8%), Paladin: Sapphire Arcanist's Plate(1.8%) 1,600,000 Edron
Poisonous Siege Toxic Ursalord.png 400 1-15 Crystal Coins(100%), 1-100 Small Emerald(100%), 1-5 Giant Shimmering Pearl(100%), 1-70 Green Crystal Fragment(100%), 1-100 Green Crystal Splinter(100%), 1-50 Viper Star(100%), 1 Green Gem(40%), Haunted Spellbook(5.6%), Envenomed Quiver(5.6%), Skull Helmet(8.8%), Dragon Scale Mail(11.2%), Terra Mantle(32%), Medusa Shield(24%), Swamplair Scales(6.4%), Knight Legs(40%), Boots of Haste(22.4%), Steel Boots(32%), Terra Boots(64%), Rerocious Cleaver(5.2%), Earthquake(5.2%), Cranial Basher(14.4%), Lich Staff(48%), Blacksteel Sword(32%), Berserker(8%), Composite Hornbow(19.2%), Springsprout Rod(48%), Wand of Starstorm(28%), Terra Amulet(32%), Sorcerer: Eclipse Shield(2%), Druid: Sunward Spellbook(2%), Knight: Frostwind Shield(2%), Paladin: Blaze Shield(2%) 2,500,000 Malada