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  • Spells are magical syntaxes that, once cast, will consume some mana in order to produce the desired effect.
  • All spells require a certain amount of mana every time they are used, and also have a minimum level requirement. In addition to these restrictions, some spells can only be used by certain vocations.
  • You cannot use spells too rapidly, as the client will tell you that you are exhausted if you try to cast a spell too often. Note that you will not get muted for quickly casting spells, but you cannot cast spells while muted.
  • The skills of the magic user have a direct impact upon the effectiveness of most spells and runes. While your Magic Level has the largest impact upon the effect of spells, it is also effected by your level, but to a lesser degree.
  • Spells are useful for many different things. With spells, you can do almost anything from summoning a horde of skeletons to fight by your side, to generating magical light to illuminate your path.
  • Each profession has different types of spells. It is known that the mage and druid have more spells than the knight, who prefers melee combat.

There are two types of spells: Instant Spells, which give a direct result, and Rune Spells, which turn a Blank Rune into a spell rune.

Here is a list of spells for each profession:

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