The Hand Raider

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The Hand Raider Health Experience Location
The Hand Raider.png 150000 1000000 (per player) Fermur
  • Follow the map below for the way to switch(entrance).
  • This daily boss requires atleast 1 and max 4 peoples with level 250+.
  • This daily boss can be done once per server save.

Start from Fermur to get there the you must have Fermur Island Quest completed.

Items needed:

Deadweight.gif 3x Dead Weight (every server save if no one has done it before)

To get to the room with the lever we must first repair the stairs that lead there.
In order to do this we go to the npc Henirn The Inquisitor for building material.
We exchange 3 Dead Weight for Reinforced Crate.

Henirn The Inquisitor2.png

Henirn The Inquisitor1.png


  • Player: Hi
  • Henirn The Inquisitor: It's been a long time since I've seen a human being here, Player.
  • Player: material
  • Henirn The Inquisitor: I can create material for you to rebuild these ruins but I need 3 pieces of dead weight in return. Do you have them?
  • Player: yes
  • Henirn The Inquisitor: Take it and be careful because it weighs a bit.

Once we have the Reinforced Crate we head northeast to the broken stairs and use the crate on it.

Broken stairs.png

Broken stairs2.png

We move on, pull the lever and land in a chamber with 4 Growing Huge Hand and the boss The Hand Raider

Hand raider1.png

The mechanics are simple. First, we have to deal with 4 Growing Huge Hand marked red and pull the lever marked white to free the boss. Remember that they throw boulders at a distance and summon several Hand of Cursed Fates.

Hand raider2.png

After killing the boss we are transported to the room with the reward.