Warzone 6

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  • The maximum time to defeat the boss is 20 minutes, if this limit is exceeded, everyone will be instantly teleported back to the temple.
  • You can enter only one character per person.
  • In purple color, all The Handmaiden have been marked.

Guaranteed reward located north of the teleport:

Reward that depends on the profession:

Monsters in Warzone 6:

Name Health Experience Loot
Medusa Medusa.gif 4,500 4,050 Blue Robe, 184 Gold Coin, Knight Armor, Knight Legs, Medusa Shield, Platinum Amulet, 2 Platinum Coin, Silver Amulet, 3 Small Emerald, Titan Axe, White Pearl.
Defiler Defiler.gif 3,650 3,700 Blue Gem, Death Ring, Demonic Essence, 272 Gold Coin, Green Gem, 6 Platinum Coin, Red Gem, 2 Small Diamond, 3 Small Emerald, 2 Small Ruby, Soul Orb, Talon, Yellow Gem.
Hellhound Hellhound.gif 7,500 6,800 100 Gold Coin, 10 Platinum Coin, Ham, Assassin Star, Throwing Knife, Black Pearl, Big Bone, Concentrated Demonic Blood, Demonic Essence, Yellow Piece of Cloth, Green Piece of Cloth, Red Piece of Cloth, Green Gem, Red Gem, Yellow Gem, Bag, Giant Sword, Soul Orb, Knight Axe, Spike Sword, Ruthless Axe, Fire Sword, Explorer Brooch, Wand of Inferno, Amber Staff, Onyx Flail.
Hand of Cursed Fate Hand of Cursed Fate.gif 7,500 5,000 Abyss Hammer, 5 Assassin Star, Blue Gem, Book, Boots of Haste, Concentrated Demonic Blood, Crown Armor, Death Ring, Demonic Essence, Emerald Bangle, Energy Ring, 267 Gold Coin, Golden Figurine, Knight Armor, Mind Stone, Mysterious Voodoo Skull, 3 Onyx Arrow, Platinum Amulet, 7 Platinum Coin, Protection Amulet, Skull Staff, 4 Small Sapphire, Soul Orb, 8 Sudden Death Rune, Violet Gem, Wand of Inferno, Yellow Gem.
The Handmaiden The Handmaiden.gif 19,500 7,500 0-223 Gold Coin, 0-9 Platinum Coin, Piece of Iron, Blue Robe, Steel Boots, Stealth Ring, The Handmaiden's Protector, Dark Shield, Soul Orb, Power Ring, Death Ring, Big Bone, 0-3 Demonic Essence, Energy Ring, Radiant Sapphire Boots
Dreadscale Hydra Dreadscale Hydra.png 11,250 8,500 0-246 Gold Coin, 0-10 Platinum Coin, 0-8 Meat, 0-8 Ham, 0-10 Small Sapphire, 0-2 Green Crystal Fragment, Paladin Armor, Ring of Healing, Demon Shield, Royal Helmet, Life Crystal, Hydra Egg, Stone Skin Amulet, Skull Helmet, Steel Boots, Stormcaller's Spellbook, Boots of Great Haste.
Lizard Rider Lizard Rider.gif 12,100 9,800 0-198 Gold Coin, 0-8 Platinum Coin, 0-4 Ham, 0-23 Power Bolt, 0-2 Demonic Essence, 0-5 Small Topaz, 0-4 Violet Crystal Shard, 0-3 Fish Fin, Violet Gem, Quagmire Rod, Yellow Diamond, Demonrage Sword, Dragon Scale Mail, Royal Helmet, Key Ring, Hibiscus Dress, Vile Axe, Ring of Healing, Wand of Starstorm, Abyss Hammer, Spellweaver's Robe, Mushroom Backpack, Springsprout Rod, Terra Mantle, Terra Legs
Lizard Warmaster Lizard Warmaster.gif 15,000 10,500 0-200 Gold Coin, 0-15 Platinum Coin, 0-5 Meat, 0-2 Fish Fin, 0-10 Infernal Bolt, 0-2 Spider Silk, 0-5 Small Ruby, 0-10 Blue Crystal Splinter, 0-3 Infernal Bolt, 0-2 Lizard Scale, Tower Shield, Ring of The Sky, Violet Crystal Shard, Soul Orb, Ice Rapier, Sapphire Amulet, Demon Trophy, Violet Gem, Stealth Ring, Warrior Helmet, Skull Helmet, Dragon Robe, Blue Robe, Blue Legs, Terra Legs, Terra Boots, Necromancer Shield, Executioner, Cranial Basher, Onyx Flail, Assassin Dagger, Sapphire Hunter's Bow
Lizard Spellweaver Lizard Spellweaver.gif 10,500 12,200 0-200 Gold Coin, 0-20 Platinum Coin, 0-5 Small Ruby, 0-8 Green Crystal Splinter, Red Diamond, 0-5 Meat, Focus Cape, Wand of Inferno, Ring of The Sky, Spellweaver's Robe, 0-20 Volcanic Arrow, Green Gem, 0-2 Dark Mushroom, Springsprout Rod, 0-5 Red Crystal Fragment, Green Diamond, Spellbook of Dark Mysteries, Frozenbreath Rod, Terra Amulet, Spirit Cloak, Blue Robe, Energy Ring, Mastermind Potion, Diabolic Spellbook, Wrath of Nature
The Anomalord The Anomalord.gif 600,000 600,000 0-20 Crystal Coin, 0-40 Violet Crystal Shard, 0-40 Green Crystal Shard, 0-60 Cyan Crystal Fragment, 0-25 Minor Crystalline Token,

Dragon Backpack, 0-100 Red Crystal Fragment, 0-50 Green Crystal Fragment, 0-40 Blue Crystal Shard, Blue Crystal of Mana, Diabolic Robe, Druidic Elemental Armor, Crystal Golden-plate, Onyx Archer's Armor, Great Shield, Nature's Fury Helmet