Yellow Crystal of Speed

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Yellow Crystal of Speed.png You see yellow crystal of speed.
It weighs 50.00 oz.
It is possible that the power of this crystal can permanently add +5 speed.
Weight: 50.0 oz.
Dropped By: None.
Reward from: None.
Buy from: Exchange at Gnomally's for 5 Yellow Diamonds. (Conversation: Hi-yellow diamond->yes)
Sell to: This item cannot be sold to any NPC.
Note: One of the Magic Crystals. This crystal additionally requires learning how to use it. Gnomally teaches us this for 100 Major Crystalline Tokens, with the additional condition of reaching the profession limit of crystals such as Blue, Red, Gray, and Purple Crystal.
The current limit of using this crystal is 5 times. (Learning conversation with Gnomally: Hi->yellow crystal->yes->yes)