Fermur Hell Quest

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Name: Fermur Hell Quest.
Location: Fermur.
Reward: Opportunities to face the Gaz'haragoth
Requirements: Fermur Island Quest, Destroy Field Rune.
Monsters: Plaguesmith, Blightwalker, Hellhound, Dark Torturer, Demon, Hand of Cursed Fate, Demon Outcast, Juggernaut, Diabolic Imp, Frazzlemaw, Silencer, Shock Head, Guzzlemaw, Sight of Surrender, Gaz'haragoth.


If we are on Fermur we need to find NPC Ghorim, follow the map below:

Ghorim map2.png



  • Player: Hi
  • Ghorim: Didn't you venture a little too far? Player.
  • Player: mission
  • Ghorim: So you are looking for a real challenge, let it be ...
  • Ghorim: Somewhere in this area are the so-called 'Hands of God' growing out of the ground, right and left ...
  • Ghorim: If you find and touch them you will prove that you are strong enough to enter the depths of the infernal underworld of Fermur ...
  • Ghorim: I also found a key that will surely be useful for you in further exploration of the underworld, I can give it to you if you find the aforementioned hands ...
  • Ghorim: When you do the above mission, please let me know.

Ghorim has commissioned us to find and touch 2 hands of god in return he will give us the key needed further.

Left Hand:

Left hand.png

Left hand2.png

Now back to the npc Ghorim and the map below lead you to right hand:

Right Hand:

Right hand1.png

Right hand2.png

Now back to the NPC and say:


  • Player: Hi
  • Ghorim: Didn't you venture a little too far? Player.
  • Player: hand of god
  • Ghorim: Did you manage to find and touch both hands of god?
  • Player: yes
  • Ghorim: Yes! those hands were exactly the point ...
  • Ghorim: So they are located on the western isle and the eastern mountain of Fermur ...
  • Ghorim: But I'm a fool, I could have guessed right away ...
  • Ghorim: Anyway, you should already have access to the Fermur underworld ...
  • Ghorim: Here is the promised key ...
  • Ghorim: You can go there right away but as far as I know it is teeming with terrible beasts so be careful stranger!

This time Ghorim gave us the Key 5001 so we can go further into the underworld.

Way to levers.png

Pull the 5 levers in the order as shown in the picture below:


Take next Key 5002 from a box needed further.

Key 5002.png

Now follow the map for Key 5003:

Key 5003.png

Key 5003 2.png

Now follow the map for Key 5004:

Key 5004.png

Key 5004 2.png

Now we back a bit and follow the map the the last door and NPC The Ghostly Gatekeeper.



In this mission it is about checking if you have collected all the previous keys by yourself if yes then npc will let you through if not then you have to go back to previous tasks.


  • Player: Hi
  • A Ghostly Gatekeeper: Welcome to the infernal side of Fermur, Player.
  • Player: pass
  • A Ghostly Gatekeeper: You don't think I'm going to let you through that gate, do you? ...
  • A Ghostly Gatekeeper: The condition is to get all four 'Devil Keys', bronze, silver, gold, titanium located in these hellish chambers ...
  • A Ghostly Gatekeeper: I can use my spiritual power and test your soul to see if you have proven yourself worthy to move on ...
  • A Ghostly Gatekeeper: Have you ever been or are you the owner of all four devil keys?
  • Player: yes
  • A Ghostly Gatekeeper: You amaze me stranger! ...
  • A Ghostly Gatekeeper: Looks like you can move on ...
  • A Ghostly Gatekeeper: Remember, however, that when you go through that door, that door may become the last door you went through ...
  • A Ghostly Gatekeeper: Good luck, may the gods protect you.
  • Player: bye
  • A Ghostly Gatekeeper: My good advice would be to get out of here as soon as possible, Player.

Going forward you will finally be able to face the hellish Gaz'haragoth.