Depths of Anvers Quest

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Name: Depths of Anvers Quest.
Location: Frozanver.

Knight: Crystal-Gilt Legs
Paladin: Onyx-Plated Legs
Sorcerer: Diabolic Visage
Druid: Druidic Elemental Helmet
Everyone: 5 Crystal Coins, 100 Infernal Bolts, Dragon Scale Helmet, 35 Green Crystal Shards, Goblet of Eternal Ice, 45 Blue Crystal Shards, Purple Crystal of Magic, Green Crystal of Experience, 50 Avalanche Runes, Ring of The Sky, Gold Ring, Deepling Backpack.

Monsters: Destroyers, Nightmares, Warlock, Behemoth, Elf Miner, Winter Elf, Winter Elf Fencer, Winter Elf Harbinger, Ice Dragon, Terrorsleep, Tarbeast, Lizard Spellweaver, Dreadscale Hydra, Dark Phantasm, Hellflayer, Dark Fury, Lizard Warmaster, Dragon Wrath, Sight of Surrender



  • In the 'Bridge Reconstruction' part we have to wait for the next server save after which we can continue this quest and everyone in the team has to do it.
  • After completing at least one seal, you can use the shortcut, check below minimap:



Frozen Bridge: Starting from Anvers going through Dark Torturers respawn:

Anvers dt way.png

Olaf map.png

Now we need to make conversations with Olaf then Isabella.

Isabella olaf.png


  • Player: Hi
  • Olaf: A warm welcome to you, Player!
  • Player: frozen bridge
  • Olaf: Recently, the frozen bridge collapsed, resulting in the loss of access to the left side of the island ...
  • Olaf: We are confident that we can rebuild it ...
  • Olaf: Please, go to my sister Isabella, she has a certain idea on how to fix the bridge.


  • Player: Hi
  • Isabella: It's nice to see you, Player!
  • Player: mission
  • Isabella: So, have you already talked to my brother about that collapsed bridge? ...
  • Isabella: Listen carefully, when I explored the mines on this island some time ago, I came across certain resources that were likely used to build that bridge ...
  • Isabella: I didn't expect they would ever be needed, so I didn't take them with me ...
  • Isabella: To make matters worse, there were very powerful monsters nesting there that I can't handle ...
  • Isabella: That's why I'm asking you to go to the mines in the lower part of the island and find those resources like wood, iron, stone and insulating materials ...
  • Isabella: Would you be willing to deliver them to us?
  • Player: yes
  • Isabella: Excellent! Bring them to my brother Olaf, and we will take care of building the bridge ...
  • Isabella: To get to the lower part of the island, use our boat, which is located to the southeast of our current position.

They told us to find appropriate raw materials which are: Box with Wood, Box with Iron, Box with Stone and Box with Insulating Materials for rebuilding the bridge, which we could find in a local mine.

Frozanver mines.png

Insulating materials and stone can be found right away on this floor.


Wood and iron can be found further after oiling the wagons by the Vial of Oil


If you get all the items go back to Olaf.


  • Player: Hi
  • Olaf: A warm welcome to you, Player!
  • Player: resources
  • Olaf: Can you provide us with the resources needed for building the bridge ...
  • Olaf: If so, what resources have you managed to get?
  • Player: iron
  • Olaf: Perfect! anything else?
  • Player: wood
  • Olaf: Thank you! anything else?
  • Player: stone
  • Olaf: Excellent! anything else?
  • Player: insulating
  • Olaf: Brilliant! anything else?
  • Player: mission
  • Olaf: Brilliant! anything else?
  • Olaf: In the end, we have all the necessary materials now ...
  • Olaf: Now we can start the construction of the bridge immediately ...
  • Olaf: On your part, that's it, the construction should take just one day.

Bridge Reconstruction: From now on, we need to wait until the server saves, after which we can continue.

Secret Seals: After server save, we continue following the map below:

Sercret seals map.png

This is example how to destroy ice walls, under the wall we throw Fire Bomb Rune and wait until the wall melts.

Ice wall3.png

Ice wall4.png

This part is a little bit tricky, we need to step on the path marked by gold coin (red line). If you step wrong you have to start from the beginning.

Secret seals way5.png

Secret seals way6.png

Secret seals way7.png

Secret seals way8.png

Secret seals way9.png

Secret seals way10.png

Secret seals way11.png

We have discovered seals room here.

Secret seals room.png Secret seals room3.png

Fountain Seal: In this tutorial we will start from 'Fountain Seal' but it doesn't matter which one you start:

In the end of path you will find fountain which you need to destroy using any weapon, you can only do this if there is no monster in this room. When it's destroyed stairs to 'Fountain Seal' will appear.
Be careful because some monster will respawn during the destroying.


Name Hitpoints Experience Loot
Winter Elf Fencer Winter Elf Fencer.gif 6,000 5,400 Blue Gem, Blue Legs, Blue Robe, Enchanted Spear, Ice Rapier, Moonlight Rod, Mystic Turban, 2 Orichalcum Pearl, 11 Platinum Coin, 7 Small Sapphire.
Winter Elf Winter Elf.gif 5,400 4,700 Blue Gem, Blue Robe, Ice Rapier, Moonlight Rod, Northwind Rod, 2 Orichalcum Pearl, 5 Platinum Coin, 7 Small Sapphire.
Frost Flower Asura Frost Flower Asura.gif 3,500 3,800 Assassin Dagger, 5 Assassin Star, 2 Black Pearl, Blue Gem, Blue Robe, Boots of Haste, Concentrated Demonic Blood, Crystal Ring, Demonic Essence, 100 Gold Coin, 2 Gold Ingot, Northwind Rod, 6 Platinum Coin, Silver Amulet, Silver Brooch, Skullcracker Armor, 3 Small Diamond, 2 Small Emerald, 2 Small Ruby, 3 Small Sapphire, 2 Small Topaz, Soul Orb, Spellbook of Mind Control, Tempest Rod, Tribal Mask, 2 Life Fluid, 2 White Pearl, Yellow Gem.
Terrorsleep Terrorsleep.gif 7,200 5,900 1-197 Gold Coin, 0-9 Platinum Coin, 0-3 Small Ruby, 0-3 Small Amethyst, 0-2 Small Topaz, Small Emerald, Blue Crystal Shard, Blue Crystal Splinter, Cyan Crystal Fragment, Cluster of Solace, Fish Fin, Giant Sword, Blue Robe, Warrior Helmet, Knight Armor, White Piece of Cloth, Blue Piece of Cloth, Red Piece of Cloth, Trapped Bad Dream Monster, Broken Dream, Sapphire Hunter's Bow.
Dragon Wrath Dragon Wrath.gif 20,000 16,000 0-100 Gold Coin, 0-100 Gold Coin, 0-66 Gold Coin, 0-10 Platinum Coin, Life Fluid, 0-10 Small Sapphire, 0-10 Small Amethyst, 0-5 Violet Crystal Shard,

0-25 Power Bolt, Golden Triangle, Soul Orb, Reaper's Axe, Berserk Potion, Giant Shimmering Pearl, Divine Plate, Demonic Essence, 0-6 Dead Weight, Swamplair Scales, Bag, Spellweaver's Robe, Steel Boots, Demonrage Sword, Terra Boots, Blessed Helmet, Terra Legs, Amethyst Arcane Boots, Skull Helmet, Mastermind Shield, Crystal Crossbow, Composite Hornbow, 0-25 Assassin Star. Hammer of Prophecy, Dragon Scale Mail, Violet Flame Wand

Frosty Seal::

This time again we have to kill hordes of monsters and path blocked by some The Crystal Protectors, Another difficulty is Freeze Condition which you can cure by standing on camp fire.
In the end of path there is teleport to te seal, you can only enter this if there is no monster in this room.

Name Hitpoints Experience Loot
Winter Elf Harbinger Winter Elf Harbinger.png 6,500 5,800 Blue Gem, Blue Robe, Elven Amulet, Giant Sword, Ice Rapier, Knight Legs, Life Crystal, 15 Platinum Coin, 7 Small Sapphire.
Frozemoth Frostbreath.png 6,800 7,500 0-15 Platinum Coins, 0-6 Blue Crystal Splinters, 0-3 Vortex Bolts, 0-5 Ham, Big Bone, Beastslayer Axe, Crowbar, Amphora, Blue Robe, Crystalline Armor, Boots of Haste, Ice Rapier, Perfect Behemoth Fang, Divine Blade, Ornamented Axe, Platinum Amulet, Ruby Necklace, Butcher's Axe, Dark Armor, Frozenbreath Wand, Blue Diamond, Radiant Sapphire Boots.
Dark Fury Dark Fury.gif 14,300 13,500 0-100 Gold Coin, 0-100 Gold Coin, 0-69 Gold Coin, Soul Orb, 0-6 Concentrated Demonic Blood, Quagmire Rod, 0-15 Infernal Bolt, Red Piece of Cloth, 0-4 Platinum Coin, Demonic Essence, 0Small Amethyst, Divine Blade, Bag, Butcher's Axe, Golden Legs, Steel Boots, 0-7 Blue Crystal Shard, Time Ring, 0-20 Assassin Star, Golden Armor, Blue Gem, 0-2 Small Enchanted Ruby, Amazon Helmet, Earthquake-proof Legs
The Crystal Protector The Crystal Protector.png 100,000 60,000 Nothing.

Rocky Seal::

In this seal you need to hurry because each lever (marked yellow) pulled is active for only 20 minutes, after which it returns to its initial position.
If all the 6 levers are pulled you can pull the last one (marked black) and remove the stone that blocking the seal (marked blue).


Name Hitpoints Experience Loot
Behemoth Behemoth.gif 4,000 2,500 Amphora, 2 Assassin Star, Behemoth Claw, Behemoth Trophy, Big Bone, Crowbar, Crystal Necklace, Dark Armor, Double Axe, Giant Sword, 140 Gold Coin, Meat, Perfect Behemoth Fang, Pick, Plate Armor, 2 Small Amethyst, Steel Boots, Strange Symbol, Titan Axe, Two Handed Sword, War Axe, Red Diamond.
Destroyer Destroyer.gif 3,700 2,500 15 Burst Arrow, Chaos Mace, Crowbar, Crystal Necklace, Dark Armor, Death Ring, Demonic Essence, Dreaded Cleaver, Giant Sword, 341 Gold Coin, 5 Meat, Mind Stone, Pick, Plate Armor, 3 Platinum Coin, Skull Helmet, 2 Small Amethyst, Soul Orb, Steel Boots.
Tarbeast Tarbeast.png 10,000 7,500 0-10 Platinum Coin, 0-2 Giant Shimmering Pearl, 0-10 Black Pearl, 0-2 Gold Ingot, 0-8 Assassin Star, 0-3 Dead Weight, 0-5 Crystal Bolt, 0-2 Small Enchanted Ruby, Dark Mushroom, Blue Crystal Shard, Black Skull, Large Sapphire, Blue Gem, Time Ring , Blacksteel Sword , Spellbook of Dark Mysteries, Skullcrusher, Swamplair Scales, Royal Helmet, Skullcracker Armor, Terra Legs, Steel Boots, Shield of Hellish Damnation, Underworld Rod, Nightmare Blade, Jade Hammer, Warsinger Bow.
Sight of Surrender Sight of Surrender.gif 28,000 17,000 3 Blue Crystal Shard, 5 Blue Crystal Splinter, Broken Visor, 5 Brown Crystal Splinter, Cluster of Solace, Crown Legs, Crusader Helmet, Crystal Mace, 3 Green Crystal Shard, 5 Green Crystal Splinter, Hammer of Wrath, Jade Hammer, Magic Plate Armor, Might Ring, Onyx Flail, 20 Platinum Coin, Sight of Surrender's Eye, Steel Boots, Stone Skin Amulet, String of Mending, Tower Shield, 2 Vial of Blood, 2 Mana Fluid, 3 Violet Crystal Shard, Blessed Helmet, Titanium Boots, Infernal Legs, Titanium Bow.

Elder Seal::

The mechanics of this room is similar to previous, you need to pull 3 levers (marked yellow) and 15 minutes to take the 'Elder Seal' otherwise the wall will close and lever resets.

Elder seal2.png

Name Hitpoints Experience Loot
Ice Dragon Ice Dragon.png 2,700 3,250 Blue Gem, Blue Legs, Blue Robe, Bonebreaker, Dragon Scale Mail, 2 Enchanted Spear, 300 Gold Coin, Golden Mug, Hat Of The Mad, Ice Cube, Ice Rapier, Magic Ice Armor, Northwind Rod, Ring of Healing, 3 Small Diamond, 5 Small Sapphire, Mana Fluid.
Warlock Warlock.gif 3,500 4,000 4 Assassin Star, Blue Robe, Bread, Candlestick, 5 Cherry, Crystal Ring, Dark Mushroom, Energy Ring, 150 Gold Coin, Golden Armor, Inkwell, Mind Stone, Piggy Bank, Poison Dagger, Red Tome, Ring of The Sky, Skull Staff, Small Sapphire, Stone Skin Amulet, Talon, Blue Diamond.
Lizard Spellweaver Lizard Spellweaver.gif 10,500 12,200 0-200 Gold Coin, 0-20 Platinum Coin, 0-5 Small Ruby, 0-8 Green Crystal Splinter, Red Diamond, 0-5 Meat, Focus Cape, Wand of Inferno, Ring of The Sky, Spellweaver's Robe, 0-20 Volcanic Arrow, Green Gem, 0-2 Dark Mushroom, Springsprout Rod, 0-5 Red Crystal Fragment, Green Diamond, Spellbook of Dark Mysteries, Frozenbreath Rod, Terra Amulet, Spirit Cloak, Blue Robe, Energy Ring, Mastermind Potion, Diabolic Spellbook, Wrath of Nature
Lizard Warmaster Lizard Warmaster.gif 15,000 10,500 0-200 Gold Coin, 0-15 Platinum Coin, 0-5 Meat, 0-2 Fish Fin, 0-10 Infernal Bolt, 0-2 Spider Silk, 0-5 Small Ruby, 0-10 Blue Crystal Splinter, 0-3 Infernal Bolt, 0-2 Lizard Scale, Tower Shield, Ring of The Sky, Violet Crystal Shard, Soul Orb, Ice Rapier, Sapphire Amulet, Demon Trophy, Violet Gem, Stealth Ring, Warrior Helmet, Skull Helmet, Dragon Robe, Blue Robe, Blue Legs, Terra Legs, Terra Boots, Necromancer Shield, Executioner, Cranial Basher, Onyx Flail, Assassin Dagger, Sapphire Hunter's Bow

Waterfall Seal::

We go to 2 rooms in which 2 people must stand at the same time to unlock the bridge, next the team goes to get the seal and comes back to change the 2 people who also have to go to get the seal because the bridge closes if someone steps out from the switch tile. Look on the pictures below:

Waterfallstep1.png Waterfallstep2.png

Waterfallstep3.png Waterfallstep4.png


In the end path of after the bridge we need to jump to waterfall in order to get in seal room. Jump to waterfall yellow arrow to the south.


Name Hitpoints Experience Loot
Massive Water Elemental Massive Water Elemental.gif 1,250 1,100 Energy Ring, 2 Fish, 100 Gold Coin, Green Perch, Life Ring, 2 Platinum Coin, Rainbow Trout, 2 Small Diamond, 2 Small Emerald.
Sea Serpent Sea Serpent.gif 1,750 2,300 Crown Legs, Crystalline Armor, 2 Dragon Ham, Focus Cape, 236 Gold Coin, Northwind Rod, Plate Legs, 3 Platinum Coin, Ring of Healing, Serpent Sword, 4 Small Diamond, 3 Small Sapphire, Spirit Cloak, Stealth Ring, Mana Fluid, Blue Diamond.
Dreadscale Hydra Dreadscale Hydra.png 11,250 8,500 0-246 Gold Coin, 0-10 Platinum Coin, 0-8 Meat, 0-8 Ham, 0-10 Small Sapphire, 0-2 Green Crystal Fragment, Paladin Armor, Ring of Healing, Demon Shield, Royal Helmet, Life Crystal, Hydra Egg, Stone Skin Amulet, Skull Helmet, Steel Boots, Stormcaller's Spellbook, Boots of Great Haste.
Dark Phantasm Dark Phantasm.gif 11,850 13,200 0-100 Gold Coin, 0-100 Gold Coin, 0-38 Gold Coin, 0-2 Blank Rune, Shadow Herb, Demonic Essence, 0-20 Small Diamond, 0-20 Small Emerald, Amulet of Loss, 0-15 Talon, 0-12 Platinum Coin,Crown Armor, Stealth Ring, Death Ring, Abyss Hammer, Shadow Sceptre, 0-30 Crystal Bolt, Hibiscus Dress, Druidic Grimoire, Amethyst Sorcerer's Robe.

The power of all Seals:

We go to 2 rooms in which 2 people must stand at the same time to unlock the bridge, look on the screensL

Once we have obtained all the seals, we go to the NPC The Spectral Ice Guardian and talk to him:
Be careful, on first talk he will respawn 3 Spectres, 2 Dark Furys, 2 Dark Phantasms, 2 Frozemoths


  • Player: Hi
  • The Spectral Ice Guardian: Another fool wanders into my territory. The Spectre does not offer warm welcomes!
  • Player: mission
  • The Spectral Ice Guardian: By defeating my guardians, you have proven yourself worthy of gaining access to our treasure room ...
  • The Spectral Ice Guardian: No one has ever succeeded in obtaining the power of all five seals before, as it is no easy feat ...
  • The Spectral Ice Guardian: These seals are known as the 'Fountain,' 'Elder,' 'Rocky,' 'Frosty,' and 'Waterfall' ...
  • The Spectral Ice Guardian: Defeat all the creatures on your path and acquire the power of the five seals, and I will reward you handsomely.
  • Player: seal
  • The Spectral Ice Guardian: Have you managed to clean and obtain the power of any of the seals? If so, which one?
  • Player: fountain
  • The Spectral Ice Guardian: Yes, I can feel the power of The Fountain Seal!
  • Player: elder
  • The Spectral Ice Guardian: Yes, I can feel the power of the Elder Seal!
  • Player: rocky
  • The Spectral Ice Guardian: Yes, I can feel the power of the Rocky Seal!
  • Player: frosty
  • The Spectral Ice Guardian: Yes, I can feel the power of the Frosty Seal!
  • Player: waterfall
  • The Spectral Ice Guardian: Yes, I can feel the power of the Waterfall Seal!
  • Player: reward
  • The Spectral Ice Guardian: It seems that you have gained the power ...
  • The Spectral Ice Guardian: Someone like that is definitely determined to gain access to the Anvers treasure, which is truly impressive ...
  • The Spectral Ice Guardian: I have nothing else in this world but to use my spell and transport you to that treasure room ...
  • The Spectral Ice Guardian: Should I use the spell?
  • Player: yes
  • The Spectral Ice Guardian: SO BE IT!

Treasure Room of Anvers: Once we find the main reward depending on the profession, the quest will be completely completed.