Warzone 7

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  • The maximum time to defeat the boss is 20 minutes, if this limit is exceeded, everyone will be instantly teleported back to the temple.
  • You can enter only one character per person.

Guaranteed reward located north of the teleport:

Reward that depends on the profession:

Monsters in Warzone 7:

Name Health Experience Loot
Phantasm Phantasm.gif 3,950 4,400 Abyss Hammer, 2 Blank Rune, Crown Armor, Death Ring, Demonic Essence, 238 Gold Coin, 4 Platinum Coin, Shadow Herb, Shadow Sceptre, 3 Small Amethyst, 3 Small Emerald, 3 Small Ruby, Stealth Ring.
Grim Reaper Grim Reaper.gif 3,900 4,500 0-271 Gold Coin, 4 Platinum Coin Orichalcum Pearl, Life Fluid, Mana Fluid, Nightmare Blade, Magic Light Wand, Dark Shield, Demonic Essence, Bag, Scythe, Concentrated Demonic Blood, Death Ring, Skullcracker Armor, Chaos Mace.
Fury Fury.gif 4,100 4,500 Assassin Dagger, Assassin Star, 3 Concentrated Demonic Blood, Crown Armor, Crystal Ring, Death Ring, Demonic Essence, 269 Gold Coin, Golden Legs, Noble Axe, 4 Orichalcum Pearl, 4 Platinum Coin, Quagmire Rod, Red Gem, Red Piece of Cloth, 3 Small Amethyst, Soul Orb, Steel Boots, Small Enchanted Ruby.
Dark Torturer Dark Torturer.gif 7,350 4,650 5 Assassin Star, Bat Decoration, Butcher's Axe, Cat's Paw, Concentrated Demonic Blood, Death Ring, Demonic Essence, 200 Gold Coin, Golden Legs, 5 Ham, Key Ring, 2 Orichalcum Pearl, 8 Platinum Coin, Saw, 2 Soul Orb, Steel Boots, Vile Axe.
Hand of Cursed Fate Hand of Cursed Fate.gif 7,500 5,000 Abyss Hammer, 5 Assassin Star, Blue Gem, Book, Boots of Haste, Concentrated Demonic Blood, Crown Armor, Death Ring, Demonic Essence, Emerald Bangle, Energy Ring, 267 Gold Coin, Golden Figurine, Knight Armor, Mind Stone, Mysterious Voodoo Skull, 3 Onyx Arrow, Platinum Amulet, 7 Platinum Coin, Protection Amulet, Skull Staff, 4 Small Sapphire, Soul Orb, 8 Sudden Death Rune, Violet Gem, Wand of Inferno, Yellow Gem.
Dark Phantasm Dark Phantasm.gif 11,850 13,200 0-100 Gold Coin, 0-100 Gold Coin, 0-38 Gold Coin, 0-2 Blank Rune, Shadow Herb, Demonic Essence, 0-20 Small Diamond, 0-20 Small Emerald, Amulet of Loss, 0-15 Talon, 0-12 Platinum Coin,Crown Armor, Stealth Ring, Death Ring, Abyss Hammer, Shadow Sceptre, 0-30 Crystal Bolt, Hibiscus Dress, Druidic Grimoire, Amethyst Sorcerer's Robe.
Hellflayer Hellflayer.png 14,000 11,000 0-200 Gold Coin, 0-12 Platinum Coin, 0-10 Small Amethyst, 0-10 Small Ruby, 0-10 Small Diamond, 0-10 Small Emerald, 0-5 Small Topaz, 0-3 Demonic Essence, 0-2 Gold Ingot, Mana Fluid, Terra Legs, Terra Mantle, Skull Helmet, Golden Armor, Magic Plate Armor, dragon Lance, Mastermind Shield, Might Ring, Spellbook of Mind Control, Demonbone Amulet, Heavy Mace, Giant Shimmering Pearl, Red Gem, Violet Gem, Terra Boots, Green Gem, Titan Axe, Titanium Bow, Amethyst Sorcerer's Robe, Sapphire Shield.
Dark Fury Dark Fury.gif 14,300 13,500 0-100 Gold Coin, 0-100 Gold Coin, 0-69 Gold Coin, Soul Orb, 0-6 Concentrated Demonic Blood, Quagmire Rod, 0-15 Infernal Bolt, Red Piece of Cloth, 0-4 Platinum Coin, Demonic Essence, 0Small Amethyst, Divine Blade, Bag, Butcher's Axe, Golden Legs, Steel Boots, 0-7 Blue Crystal Shard, Time Ring, 0-20 Assassin Star, Golden Armor, Blue Gem, 0-2 Small Enchanted Ruby, Amazon Helmet, Earthquake-proof Legs
Dragon Wrath Dragon Wrath.gif 20,000 16,000 0-100 Gold Coin, 0-100 Gold Coin, 0-66 Gold Coin, 0-10 Platinum Coin, Life Fluid, 0-10 Small Sapphire, 0-10 Small Amethyst, 0-5 Violet Crystal Shard,

0-25 Power Bolt, Golden Triangle, Soul Orb, Reaper's Axe, Berserk Potion, Giant Shimmering Pearl, Divine Plate, Demonic Essence, 0-6 Dead Weight, Swamplair Scales, Bag, Spellweaver's Robe, Steel Boots, Demonrage Sword, Terra Boots, Blessed Helmet, Terra Legs, Amethyst Arcane Boots, Skull Helmet, Mastermind Shield, Crystal Crossbow, Composite Hornbow, 0-25 Assassin Star. Hammer of Prophecy, Dragon Scale Mail, Violet Flame Wand

Mr. Punish Mr. Punish.gif 22,000 9,000 0-129 Gold Coin, 0-5 Platinum Coin, 0-3 Demonic Essence, Gold Ingot, Double Axe, Soul Orb, Mr. Punish's Handcuffs, 0-3 Assassin Star, Bat Decoration, Ravager's Axe, 0-1 Small Diamond, Cat's Paw, Mana Fluid, Life Fluid, Amethyst Sorcerer's Robe
Mutated Drakonid Mutated Drakonid.gif 750,000 750,000 0-25 Crystal Coin, 0-50 Violet Crystal Shard, 0-50 Green Crystal Shard, 0-70 Cyan Crystal Fragment, 0-30 Minor Crystalline Token,

Dragon Backpack, 0-100 Red Crystal Fragment, 0-60 Green Crystal Fragment, 0-50 Blue Crystal Shard, Blue Crystal of Mana, Green Crystal of Stamina, Onyx Crested Helmet, Crystal Azure Helmet, Druidic Elemental Legs, Diabolic Greaves, Winged Helmet, Amethyst-Encrusted Helmet

Mutated drakonid.png