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Etheria launch date is setup to 09.02.2024, Friday 20:00.
The following update will be implemented in the world Arcanum on the day of the premiere of the new world, Etheria.
Here is the overview of significant modifications, updates, and improvements that will be introduced in the new world, allowing players to familiarize themselves with the upcoming changes in advance:


  • The Items Cyclopedia allows for the personalization of item prices.
  • Added the 'Notify me on private message' option, which will trigger flashing of the game client on the taskbar when someone sends a message."
  • The Android client automatically maximizes the width of backpacks and opened windows.
  • A new in-game shop has been introduced, paving the way for the addition of further enhancements in the future.
  • Fixed a bug in the client that allowed players to send empty messages.
  • The Monsters Cyclopedia now includes a count of the monsters killed, which will be utilized for future bonus rewards.
  • Added information about the current XP Rate and Regeneration Time (food) to the 'Skills' panel.
  • The Trainer now displays only the spells specific to the profession you are playing.
  • Fixed the display issue of remaining Golden Account time in the 'Character List'.
  • Corrected the item sorting in 'Quick looting' after changing settings and reverting to previous ones.
  • Implemented several improvements aimed at speeding up the game login process, addressing a common concern among players.

Game play:

  • The Ice Islands Quest and Explorer Society Quest have been rewritten, and an appropriate quest log has been added.
  • Fixed the issue with selling fluids, such as 'golden mug', in the market.
  • The Skinning system has been enhanced by adding new creature products.
  • The formulas for runes such as Avalanche Rune, Great Fireball Rune, Thunderstorm Rune, Stone Shower Rune have been slightly adjusted to more authentically match version 8.0, with a minor reduction in their power.
  • Area-effect ammunition for paladins, including Volcanic Arrow, Vortex Bolt, and Onyx Bolt, has experienced a slight decrease in power, with a change in damage type to Fire (Volcanic Arrow), Energy (Vortex Bolt), and Physical (Onyx Bolt).
  • The experience reward from participating in Warzones has been reduced.
  • The speed in each type of footwear from Equipment Sets has been slightly decreased.
  • The loot from Serpent Spawn and Medusa has been updated to closely match version 8.0.
  • A new Raids sesion has been added to the wiki, along with a system to inform about upcoming raids and their percentage chance of occurrence upon each login.
  • The reward for participating in Snowball Fight has been enhanced with an additional, temporary experience bonus.
  • Mailboxes have been relocated to new locations on the map for better player access.
  • Titanium Boots have been removed from the Fermur Hell Quest.
  • The limit for using Red Crystal of Life has been changed to: Knight: 21, Pally: 11, Mages: 8, and for Blue Crystal of Mana to: Mages: 21, Pally: 11, Knight: 8.
  • The usage limit for Green Crystal of Experience has been set to once per day, offering an additional 50% experience boost.
  • The experience reward from Sieges and Bosses has been slightly reduced by about 20%~.
  • Added Secret Tunnel short to the banuta.

Some Rookgaard Updates:

  • Remember that this is not everything, only a few of the most interesting changes have been listed.
  • Added level gates to some quests to make them a bit more difficult.
  • Added spawn of stronger Orcs in the FACC area.
  • Added Hunter Addon quest, you need sniper gloves to complete it.
  • Added new items to NPCs Dixi, Obi and Hyacinth. Prices have also changed.
  • Bosses in the Beholder Helmet Quest have been changed.
  • The Dwarf camp has been expanded.
  • The desert in Grassland has been reworked. From now on there are pirates, from which we can get items needed for the first pirate addon (saber) and a small Quara spawn thanks to which we can get the Pirate outfit.
  • The ability to teleport to a larger Priestess spawn has been added to the Priestess tower, where a new task has been added.


  • New rankings have been introduced on the website, such as 'Player vs Player', in which we can find statistics of player participation in wars (for guilds only), involvement in PVP like kills and deaths, as well as the very statistics of participation in the Team Battle event."
  • A ranking of achieved accomplishments and completed Quests has also been introduced, with similar information available upon searching for a specific character."
  • A requirement to provide a Recovery Key when listing a character for auction has been introduced, and consequently, the option to remind users of their Recovery Key via email assigned to the account has been added."


  • The Wikipedia has experienced significant progress overall, specially the Hunting Spawns section receiving considerable expansion.

New features:


  • The respawn rate at Banuta has been slightly reduced, but two additional floors have been added which require completion of the Deeper Banuta Quest.
  • A new respawn location, Undeads Tomb Anvers, has been added.





Name Look Type Points
Siegebreaker Siegebreaker.png 100
Cerberus Champion Cerberus Champion.png 100
Caped Snowman Caped Snowman.png 150
Festive Snowman Festive Snowman.png 150
Muffled Snowman Muffled Snowman.png 150
Bogwurm Bogwurm.png 200
Boreal Owl Boreal Owl.png 200
Cave Tarantula Cave Tarantula.png 200
Cranium Spider Cranium Spider.png 200
Emerald Raven Emerald Raven.png 200
Gloom Widow Gloom Widow.png 200
Gloomwurm Gloomwurm.png 200
Jousting Eagle Jousting Eagle.png 200
Rustwurm Rustwurm.png 200
Snowy Owl Snowy Owl.png 200
Rift Watcher Rift Watcher.png 200
Void Watcher Void Watcher.png 200
Rune Watcher Rune Watcher.png 200













Creature Products:

Store Items:

Quest Items:


  • Daily Bosses