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Achievements are extra goals that can be accomplished while playing Realera, by doing quests, discovering secret places or doing some extraordinary things.
When you gain an achievement, you will receive the following message: Congratulations! You earned the achievement "Achievement".

Achievement List

Name Grade Points Description Spoiler
Allow Cookies? 1 2 With a perfectly harmless smile you fooled all of those wisecrackers into eating your exploding cookies. Consider a boy or girl scout outfit next time to make the trick even better. Obtainable by delivering Exploding Cookies to Avar Tar, Simon the Beggar, Ariella, Lorbas, Markwin, Hjaern, Wyda, Hairycles and Orc King during What a Foolish Quest - Mission 10 - A Sweet Surprise. It is not necessary to deliver an exploding cookie to Yaman or Nah'Bob in order to get this achievement.
Allowance Collector 1 2 You certainly have your ways when it comes to acquiring money. Many of them are pink and paved with broken fragments of porcelain. Obtainable by breaking 50 Piggy Banks.
Alumni 2 6 You're considered a first-rate graduate of the Magic Academy in Edron due to your pioneering discoveries and successful studies in the field of experimental magic and spell development. Ever considered teaching the Armageddon spell? Obtainable by getting both addons of the male Mage Outfit or female Summoner Outfit.
Animal Activist 1 2 You have a soft spot for little, weak animals, and you do everything in your power to protect them - even if you probably eat dragons for breakfast. Obtainable by doing mission 3 of The Ice Islands Quest AND handing in the Tortoise Egg from Nargor to Duncan as part of the Meriana Quest. Note: If you did both these missions and still haven't received the achievement, kill some Huskies in Svargrond and then pay your fine to Iskan.
Annihilator 2 5 You've daringly jumped into the infamous Annihilator and survived - taking home fame, glory and your reward.
Archpostman 1 3 Delivering letters and parcels has always been a secret passion of yours, and now you can officially put on your blue hat, blow your Post Horn and do what you like to do most. Beware of dogs! Obtainable by finishing The Postman Missions Quest.
Aristocrat 2 4 You begin your day by bathing in your pot of gold and you don't mind showing off your wealth while strolling the streets in your best clothes - after all it's your hard-earned money! You prefer to be addressed with 'Your Highness'. Obtainable by getting both addons of Nobleman Outfits.
Ashes to Dust 2 4 Staking vampires and demons has almost turned into your profession. You make sure to gather even the tiniest amount of evil dust particles. Beware of silicosis. Obtainable by using blessed wooden stake 500 times successfully on slain demons and/or slain vampires (including Vampires, Vampire Brides, and Vampire Viscounts).
Back into the Abyss 1 1 Obtainable by slaying Thul. You've cut off a whole lot of tentacles today. Thul was driven back to where he belongs.
Backpack Tourist 1 1 If someone lost a random thing in a random place, you're probably a good person to ask and go find it, even if you don't know what and where. Obtainable by giving back to Sam his old backpack (Sam's Old Backpack Quest).
Beach Tamer 1 2 You re-enacted the Taming of the Shrew on a beach setting and proved that you can handle capricious girls quite well. With or without fish tails. Obtainable by completing The Mermaid Marina Quest.
Bearhugger 1 1 Warm, furry and cuddly - though that same bear you just hugged would probably rip you into pieces if he had been conscious, he reminded you of that old teddy bear which always slept in your bed when you were still small. Obtainable by completing the second mission in the Barbarian Test Quest.
Berserker 1 3 RAWR! Strength running through your body, your heart racing faster and adrenaline fueling your every weapon swing. All in a little bottle. No refund for destroyed furniture. For further questions consult your healer or potion dealer. Obtainable by drinking 100 Berserk Potions.
Blessed! 1 2 You travelled the world for an almost meaningless prayer - but at least you don't have to do that again and can get a new blessed stake in the blink of an eye. Obtainable by finishing The Blessed Stake Quest. Note: you don't need to obtain a second blessed wooden stake from Chondur: just speak with him about it until he says "(...) Listen, child, if you bring me a wooden stake, I'll bless it for you. <chuckles>".
Bluebarian 1 2 You live the life of hunters and gatherers. Well, especially that of a gatherer, and especially of one who gathers lots of blueberries. Have you checked the colour of your tongue lately? Obtainable by using Blueberry Bushes 500 times.
Bone Brother 1 1 You've joined the undead bone brothers - making death your enemy and your weapon as well. Devouring what's weak and leaving space for what's strong is your primary goal. Obtainable by joining to the Brotherhood of Bones in the Dreamer's Challenge Quest.
Brutal Politeness 2 6 What is best in life? To crush your enemies. To see them driven before you. And to maybe have a nice cup of tea afterwards. Obtainable by getting both addons of Barbarian Outfits.
Choking on Her Venom 1 1 The Old Widow fell prey to your supreme hunting skills. Obtainable by slaying The Old Widow.
Chorister 1 1 Lalalala... you now know the cult's hymn sung in Liberty Bay Obtainable by learning all four Music Sheets.
Cold as Ice 2 6 Take an ice cube and an obsidian knife and you'll very likely shape something really pretty from it. Mostly cute little mammoths, which are a hit with all the girls. Obtainable by sculpting 10 Ice Mammoths from Ice Cubes by using an Obsidian Knife on them.
Dark Voodoo Priest 1 2 Sinister curses, evil magic - you don't shy away from punishing others by questionable means. Someone just gave you a strange look - now where's that needle again? Obtainable by using dworc Voodoo Doll on someone till bloodhit.
Death in the Depths 1 2 Obtainable after clearing Warzone 4, Warzone 5 and Warzone 6.
Deep Sea Diver 2 4 Under the sea - might not be your natural living space, but you're feeling quite comfortable on the ocean floor. Quara don't scare you anymore and sometimes you sleep with your helmet of the deep still equipped. Obtainable by walking 750,000 steps underwater. Confirmed working tiles are Ocean Floor, underwater Marble Floor and underwater Sandstone Floor.
Demonbane 2 6 You don't carry that stake just for decoration - you're prepared to use it. Usually you're seen hightailing through the deepest dungeons leaving a trail of slain demons. Whoever dares stand in your way should prepare to die. Obtainable by getting both addons of Demon Hunter Outfits.
Demonic Barkeeper 1 3 Thick, red - shaken, not stirred - and with a straw in it: that's the way you prefer your demon blood. Served with an onion ring, the subtle metallic aftertaste is almost not noticeable. Beneficial effects on health or mana are welcome. Obtainable by shaking 250 Concentrated Demonic Blood.
Diplomatic Immunity 2 4 Obtainable after opening Prince of Demons chest 50 times.
Do Not Disturb 1 1 Urgh! Close the windows! Shut out the sun rearing its ugly yellow head, shut out the earsplitting laughter of your neighbour's corpulent children. Ahhh. Embrace sweet darkness and silence. Obtainable by closing house windows 100 times.
Dread Lord 3 8 You don't care for rules that others set up and shape the world to your liking. Having left behind meaningless conventions and morals, you prize only the power you wield. You're a master of your fate and battle to cleanse the world. Obtainable by getting the rank of Dread Lord of the Brotherhood of Bones faction in the Dreamer's Challenge Quest.
Dream Essence 2 5 The sounds of the night become your symphony, and the shadows - your allies. Your heart beats in the rhythm of wild dreams, and every whisper of the night vivifies your soul. You become the master of dark dreams, a hunter of Nightmares, tearing the veil between wakefulness and sleep. Obtainable by using blessed wooden stake 1000 times successfully on slain Nightmares.
Dungeon Cleaner 1 3 Obtainable after clearing the first 3 Warzones.
Efreet Ally 1 3 Even though the welcomed you only reluctantly and viewed you as "only a human" for quite some time, you managed to impress Malor and gained his respect and trade options with the green djinns. Obtainable by finishing The Djinn War - Efreet Faction.
Exemplary Citizen 2 4 Every city should be proud to call someone like you its inhabitant. You're keeping the streets clean and help settling the usual disputes in front of the depot. Also, you probably own a cat and like hiking. Obtainable by getting both addons of Citizen Outfits.
Explorer 2 4 You've been to places most people don't even know the names of. Collecting botanic, zoologic and ectoplasmic samples is your daily business and you're always prepared to discover new horizons. Obtainable by completing the second explorer's mission, The Spectral Dress, in The Explorer Society Quest.
Exquisite Taste 1 2 You love fish - but preferably those caught in the cold north. Even though they're hard to come by you never get tired of picking holes in ice sheets and hanging your fishing rod in. Obtainable by catching 250 fish through Ice Fishing.
Fall of the Fallen 2 4 Obtainable after opening Gnomevil's reward chest 50 times.
Master Adventurer 1 2 You spent much time in dangerous lands and have seen things others only dream of. You know your way around in Tibia - you are master adventurer now. Achieve level 150. If you have already surpassed this level, just level up once and you should get it.
Fool at Heart 1 3 And remember: Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig. Obtainable by getting both addons of Jester Outfits.
Fountain of Life 1 1 You found and took a sip from the Fountain of Life. Thought it didn't grant you eternal life, you feel changed and somehow at peace. Obtainable by drinking from the fountain of life in pits of inferno's entrance.
Friend of the Apes 2 4 You know Banuta like the back of your hand and are good at destroying caskets and urns. The sight of giant footprints doesn't keep you from exploring unknown areas either. Obtainable by finishing The Ape City Quest.
Gnomebane's Bane 1 2 Obtainable after opening the treasure chest of Gnomevil for the first time after slaying him.
Gold Digger 2 4 Hidden treasures below the sand dunes of the desert - you have a nose for finding them and you know where to dig. They might not make you filthy rich, but they're shiny and pretty anyhow. Obtainable by digging up 100 scarab coins in the desert. There's a chance to dig up a scarab coin or scarab in Ankrahmun desert.
Greenhorn 1 2 You wiped out Orcus the Cruel in the Arena of Svargrond. You're still a bit green behind the ears, but there's some great potential. Obtainable by finishing the Barbarian Arena Quest in the Greenhorn difficulty.
Happy Farmer 1 1 Scythe swung over your shoulder, sun burning down on your back - you are a farmer at heart and love working in the fields. Or then again maybe you just create fancy crop circles to scare your fellow men. Obtainable by cutting down 200 wheat with a Scythe or Squeezing Gear of Girlpower.
Here, Fishy Fishy! 1 1 Ah, the smell of the sea! Standing at the shore and casting a line is one of your favourite activities. For you, fishingis relaxing - and at the same time, providing easy food. Perfect! Obtainable by fishing 1000 Fish.
Hidden Powers 1 2 You've discovered the Ancients' hidden powers - from now on, they will aid you in your adventures. Obtainable by charging a Helmet of the Ancients with a small ruby.
High Inquisitor 2 5 You're the one who poses the questions around here, and you know how to get the answers you want to hear. Besides, you're a famous exorcist and slay a few vampires and demons here and there. You and your stake are a perfect team. Obtainable by finishing The Inquisition Quest.
High-Flyer 2 4 The breeze in your hair, your fingers clutching the rim of your Carpet - that's how you like to travel. Faster! Higher! And a looping every now and then. Obtainable by travelling by Magic Carpet 1000 times.
Honorary Barbarian 1 1 You've hugged bears, pushed mammoths and proved your drinking skills. And even though you have a slight hangover, a partially fractured rib and some greasy hair on your tongue, you're quite proud to call yourself a honorary barbarian from now on. Obtainable by finishing the Barbarian Test Quest.
Hunting with Style 2 6 At daytime you can be found camouflaged in the woods laying traps or chasing big game, at night you're sitting by the campfire and sharing your hunting stories. You eat what you hunted and wear what you skinned. Life could go on like that forever. Obtainable by getting both addons of Hunter Outfits.
I Like it Fancy 1 1 You definitely know how to bring out the best in your furniture and decoration pieces. Beautiful. Obtainable by using a Small Emerald on a Dracoyle Statue.
I Need a Hug 1 2 You and your stuffed furry friends are inseparable, and you're not ashamed to take them to bed with you - who knows when you will wake up in the middle of the night in dire need of a cuddle? Obtainable by using Stuffed Dragon, Baby Seal Doll and Santa Doll one time each.
Ice Sculptor 1 3 You love to hang out in cold surroundings and consider ice the best material to be shaped. What a waste to use ice cubes for drinks when you can create a beautiful mammoth statue from it! Obtainable by sculpting an Ice Mammoth from Ice Cubes by using an Obsidian Knife on it.
In Shining Armor 2 6 With edged blade and fully equipped in a sturdy full plate armor, you charge at your enemies with both strength and valour. There's always a maiden to save and a dragon to slay for you. Obtainable by getting both addons of Knight Outfits.
Interior Decorator 2 4 Your home is your castle - and the furniture in it is just as important. Your friends ask for your advice when decorating their Houses and your probably own every statue, rack and bed there is. Use 1000 Furniture Packages to obtain this achievement. The cheapest way to do this is to buy 1000 Trough Kits (7 gp each).
Jamjam 2 5 When it comes to interracial understanding, you're an expert. You've mastered the language of the Chakoya and made someone really happy with your generosity. Achuq! Obtainable by completing the Sinatuki Quest.
Jinx 1 2 Sometimes you feel there's a gremlin in there. So many lottery tickets, so many blanks? That's just not fair! Share your misery with the world. Obtainable by opening 500 blank Lottery Tickets.
Just in Time 1 1 You're a fast runner and are good at delivering wares which are bound to decay just in the nick of time, even if you can't use any means of transportation or if your hands get cold or smelly in the process. Obtainable by finishing The Ice Delivery mission of The Explorer Society Quest and by finishing The Wednesday Mission of The Travelling Trader Quest.
Let the Sunshine In 1 1 Rise and shine! It's a beautiful new day - open your windows, feel the warm sunlight, watch the birds singing on your windowsill and care for your plants. What reason is there not to be happy? Obtainable by opening house windows 100 times.
Life on the Streets 2 4 You're a beggar, homeless, wearing filthy and ragged clothes. But that doesn't mean you have to beg anyone for stuff - and you still kept your pride. Fine feathers do not necessarily make fine birds - what's under them is more important. Obtainable by getting both addons of Beggar Outfit.
Lord Protector 3 8 You proved yourself - not only in your dreams - and possess a strong and spiritual mind. Your valorous fight against demons and the undead plague has granted you the highest and most respected rank among the Nightmare Knights. Obtainable by getting the rank of Lord Protector of the Nightmare Knights faction in the Dreamer's Challenge Quest.
Lucid Dreamer 1 2 Dreams - are your reality? Strange visions, ticking clocks, going to bed and waking up somewhere completely else - that was some trip, but you're almost sure you actually did enjoy it. Obtainable by finishing the Mission 4 of Dreamer's Challenge Quest.
Marid Ally 1 3 You've proven to be a valuable ally to the Marid, and Gabel welcomed you to trade with Haroun and Nah'Bob whenever you want to. Though the Djinn war has still not ended, the Marid can't fail with you on their side. Obtainable by finishing The Djinn War - Marid Faction.
Master of the Nexus 2 6 You were able to fight your way through the countless hordes in the Demon Forge. Once more you proved that nothing is impossible. Obtainable by finishing The Inquisition Quest.
Mastermind 1 3 You feel you could solve the hardest riddles within a minute or so. Plus, there's a nice boost on your spell damage. All in a little bottle. Aftereffects - feeling slightly stupid. For further questions consult your healer or potion dealer. Obtainable by drinking 100 Mastermind Potions.
Matchmaker 1 1 You don't believe in romance to be a coincidence or in love at first sight. In fact - love potions, bouquets of flowers and cheesy poems do the trick much better than ever could. Keep those hormones flowing! Obtainable by completing The Shattered Isles Quest - Breaking the Spell (Access to Laguna Islands).
Mathemagician 1 1 Sometimes the biggest secrets of life can have a simple solution. Obtainable by talking with "A Prisoner" in Paradox Tower Quest.
Minstrel 1 1 You can handle any music instrument you're given - and actually manage to produce a pleasant sound with it. You're a welcome guest and entertainer in most taverns. Available after playing several different types of instruments - those located in front of Pharaoh Vashresamun's room.
Mister Sandman 1 2 Tired... so tired... curling up in a warm and cosy bed seems like the perfect thing to do right now. Sweet dreams! Obtainable by using a bed or a cot 500 times (logging out).
Natural Born Cowboy 1 1 Oh, the joy of riding! You've just got your very first own mount. Conveniently enough you don't even need stables, but can summon it any time you like. Obtainable after gaining first mount.
Nightmare Knight 1 1 You follow the path of dreams and that of responsibility without self-centered power. Free from greed and selfishness, you help others without expecting a reward. Obtainable by joining to the Nightmare Knights in the Dreamer's Challenge Quest.
Nightmare Walker 2 6 You do not fear nightmares, you travel in them - facing countless horrors and fighting the fate they're about to bring. Few believe the dark prophecies you bring back from those dreams, but those who do fight alongside you as Nightmare Knights. Obtainable by getting both addons of Nightmare Outfits
Nomad Soul 1 2 Home is where your current favourite hunting ground is, and though you might hold certain places more dear than others you never feel attached enough to really stay in one city for long. Pack all your stuff - it's time to move on again. Available after entering the temple teleport in each city.
Nothing Can Stop Me 1 1 You laugh at unprepared adventurers stuck in high grass or rush wood. Or maybe you actually do help them out. They call you... 'Machete'. Obtainable by using a Machete 100 times on Jungle Grass or Wild Growth.
Number of the Beast 1 2 Six. Six. Six. Obtainable by rolling a 6 three times in a row with a dice.
Of Wolves and Bears 2 6 One with nature, one with wildlife. Raw and animalistic power, sharpened senses, howling on the highest cliffs and roaring in the thickest forests - that's you. Obtainable by getting both addons of Druid Outfits.
One Thousand and One 2 6 You feel at home under the hot desert sun with sand between your toes, and your favourite means of travel is a flying carpet. Also, you can probably do that head isolation dance move. Obtainable by getting both addons of Oriental Outfit.
Oops 1 2 So much for your feathered little friend! Maybe standing in front of the birdcage, squeezing its neck and shouting 'Sing! Sing! Sing!' was a little too much for it?! Obtainable by using birdcage until the bird dies from a heart attack.
Out in the Snowstorm 2 4 Snow heaps and hailstorms can't keep you from where you want to go. You're perfectly equipped for any expedition into the perpetual ice and know how to keep your feet warm. If you're a woman, that's quite an accomplishment, too. Obtainable by getting both addons of Norseman Outfits.
Party Animal 1 1 Oh my god, it's a paaaaaaaaaaaarty! You're always in for fun, friends and booze and love being the center of attention. There's endless reasons to celebrate! Woohoo! Obtainable by using a Party Trumpet or Party Hat 200 times.
Passionate Kisser 1 3 For you, a kiss is more than a simple touch of lips. You kiss maidens and deadbeats alike with unmatched affection and faced death and rebirth through the kiss of the banshee queen. Lucky are those who get to share such an intimate moment with you! Obtainable by finishing the Kissing a Pig Quest.
Perfect Fool 1 3 You love playing jokes on others and tricking them into looking a little silly. Wagging tongues say that the moment of realisation in your victims' eyes is the reward you feed on, but you're probably just kidding and having fun with them... right?? Obtainable by doing What a foolish Quest.
Potion Addict 2 4 Your local magic trader considers you one of his best customers - you usually buy large stocks of potions so you won't wake up in the middle of the night craving for more. Yet, you always seem to run out of them too fast. Cheers! Obtainable by drinking 100,000 vials that regenerate mana or 100,000 vials that regenerate health.
Prison Break 3 8 Gaz'haragoth... a day to remember! Your world accomplished someting really big - and you have been part of it! Obtained by helping to kill Gaz'haragoth.
Quick as a Turtle 1 2 There... is... simply... no... better... way - than to travel on the back of a turtle. At least you get to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Laguna. Obtainable by travelling by the sea turtle on Laguna Islands 2000 times. (about 25-30 min non-stop).
Recognised Trader 1 3 You're a talented merchant who's able to handle wares with care, finds good offers and digs up rares every now and then. Never late to complete an order, you're a reliable trader - at least in Rashid's eyes. Obtainable by finishing the The Travelling Trader Quest.
Ritualist 2 6 You could be the author of the magnum opus 'How to Summon the Ultimate Beast from the Infernal Depths, Volume I'. Or, if your mind and heart are pure, you rather summon beings to help others. Or maybe just a little cat to have someone to cuddle. Obtainable by getting both addons of the Summoner Outfits on a male character or both addons of Mage Outfits on a female character.
Rock Me to Sleep 1 1 Sleeping - you do it with style. You're chilling in your hammock, listening to the sound of the birds and crickets as you slowly drift away into the realm of dreams. Obtainable by using a hammock 100 times (logging out).
Rocket in Pocket 1 1 Either you are not a fast learner or you find some pleasure in setting yourself on fire. Or you're just looking for a fancy title. In any case, you should know that passing gas during your little donkey experiments is not recommended. Obtainable by using 3 Fireworks Rockets in your backpack or inside of a corpse.
Rockstar 1 3 Music just comes to you naturally. You feel comfortable on any stage, at any time, and secretly hope that someday you will be able to defeat your foes by playing music only. Rock on! Obtainable by playing Musical Instruments 10,000 times. You can play different instruments and log out without resetting the counter.
Ruthless 2 5 You've touched all thrones of The Ruthless Seven and absorbed some of their evil spirit. It may have changed you forever. Obtainable by finishing The Pits of Inferno Quest.
Safely Stored Away 1 2 Don't worry, no one will be able to take it from you. Probably. Obtainable by steping on tile next to depot 1000 times.
Santa's Li'l Helper 1 2 Christmas is your favourite time of the year, and boy, do you love presents. Buy some nice things for your friends, hide them away until - well, until you decide to actually unwrap them rather yourself. Obtainable by opening 25 Christmas Bundles (any color).
Scrapper 1 3 You put out the Spirit of Fire's flames in the arena of Svargrond. Arena fights are for you - fair, square, with simple rules and one-on-one battles. Obtainable by finishing the Barbarian Arena Quest in the Scrapper difficulty.
Sea Scout 1 2 Not even the hostile underwater environment stops you from doing your duty for the Explorer Society. Scouting the Quara realm is a piece of cake for you. Obtainable by doing The Undersea Kingdom and The Frozen Trench missions in The Explorer Society Quest.
Seasoned Adventurer 1 1 Adventure is your middle name. You spent much time in dangerous lands and have seen things others only dream of. You know your way around in Tibia - you are a seasoned adventurer now. And your journey has only just begun! Achieve level 50. If you have already surpassed this level, just level up once and you should get it.
Sharpshooter 1 3 Improved eyesight, arrows and bolts flying at the speed of light and pinning your enemies with extra damage. All in a little bottle. No consumption of carrots required. For further questions consult your healer or potion dealer. Obtainable by drinking 100 Bullseye Potions.
Shell Seeker 1 3 You found a hundred beautiful pearls in large sea shells. By now that necklace should be finished - and hopefully you didn't get your fingers squeezed too often during the process. Obtainable by finding 10 Giant Shimmering Pearls of any colour out of closed large seashells.
Ship's Kobold 2 4 You've probably never gotten seasick in your life - you love spending your free time on the ocean and covered quite a lot of miles with ships. Aren't you glad you didn't have to swim all that? Obtainable by travelling by ship around 1250 times.
Silent Pet 1 1 Awww. Your very own little goldfish friend - he's cute, he's shiny and he can't complain should you forget to feed him. He'll definitely brighten up your day! Obtained by catching a Small Fish with an Empty Goldfish Bowl.
Skin-Deep 2 4 You always carry your obsidian knife with you and won't hesitate to use it. You've skinned countless little - and bigger - critters and yeah: they usually don't get any more beautiful on the inside. It's rather blood and gore and all that... Obtainable by successfully skinning 500 monsters.
Skull and Bones 2 6 Wearing the insignia and dark robes of the Brotherhood of Bones you roam the lands spreading fear and pain, creating new soldiers for the necromantic army which is about to rise soon. Hail the Brotherhood. Obtainable by getting both addons of Brotherhood of Bones Outfits.
Slim Chance 1 1 Okay, let's face it - as long as you believe it could potentially lead you to the biggest treasure ever, you won't let go of that map, however fishy it might look. There must be a secret behind all of this! Obtainable by using a Treasure Map 100 times.
Snowbunny 1 2 Hopping, hopping through the snow - that's the funnest way to go! Making footprints in a flurry - it's more fun the more you hurry! Licking icicles all day - Winter, never go away! Obtainable by changing 10.000 tiles of snow into tiles of snow (Someone must have walked here recently).
Steampunked 1 2 Travelling with the dwarven steamboats through the underground rivers is your preferred way of crossing the lands. No pesky seagulls, and good beer on board! Obtainable by traveling by Steamship 200 times.
Superstitious 1 2 Fortune tellers and horoscopes guide you through your life. And you probably wouldn't dare going on a big game hunt without your trusty voodoo skull giving you his approval for the day. Obtainable by using Mysterious Voodoo Skulls 100 times (message It is not time yet. doesn't count)
Swashbuckler 2 6 Ye be a gentleman o' fortune, fightin' and carousin' on the high seas, out fer booty and lassies! Ye no be answerin' to no man or blasted monarchy and yer life ain't fer the lily-livered. Aye, matey! Obtainable by getting both addons of Pirate Outfits.
Swift Death 2 6 Stealth kills and backstabbing are you specialty. Your numerous victims are usually unaware of their imminent death, which you bring to them silently and swiftly. Everything is permitted. Obtainable by getting both addons of Assassin Outfits.
The Undertaker 1 2 You and your shovel - a match made in heaven. Or hell, for that matter. Somewhere down below in any case. You're magically attracted by stone piles and love to open them up and see where those holes lead you. Good biceps as well. Obtainable by opening 500 Loose Stone Piles or Large Holes.
Warlock 2 6 You're proficient in the darker ways of magic and are usually found sitting inside a circle of candles and skulls muttering unspeakable words. Don't carry things too far or the demons might come get you. Obtainable by getting both addons of Wizard Outfits.
Warlord of Svargrond 2 5 You sent the Obliverator into oblivion in the arena of Svargrond and defeated nine other dangerous enemies on the way. All hail the Warlord of Svargrond! Obtainable by finishing the Barbarian Arena Quest in the Warlord difficulty.
Waverider 1 2 One thing's for sure: You definitely love swimming. Hanging out on the beach with your friends, having ice cream and playing beach ball is splashingly good fun! Obtainable by swimming 70,000 tiles.
Way of the Shaman 2 6 Shaking your rattle and dancing around the fire to jungle drums sounds like something you like doing. Besides, dreadlocks are a convenient way to wear your hair - no combing required! Obtainable by getting both addons of Shaman Outfits.
Wild Warrior 2 6 Valour is for weaklings - it doesn't matter how you win the battle, as long as you're victorious. Thick armor would just hinder your movements, thus you keep it light and rely on speed and skill instead of hiding in an uncomfortable shell. Obtainable by getting both addons of Warrior Outfits.
Icebreaker Champion 4 8 Traversing the cold wastelands, you faced the Frostwind Colossus in Warzone 8 nine times, proving that even the coldest frosts cannot stop you. Obtainable by completing Warzone 8 eight times.
Flame and Fury Conqueror 4 9 As a fearless explorer, you've defeated The Mega Magmaoid in Warzone 9 eight times, proving your dominance over fire and magma. Obtainable by completing Warzone 9 nine times.
Juggernaut Slayer 4 10 With great courage and unwavering determination, you took on the challenge of the task to kill 800 Juggernauts, showing your exceptional strength and hunting skills. Obtainable by completing the task of killing Juggernauts for the Grizzly Adams.
Fearless Hunter 4 8 Knowing no fear, you faced the most terrifying creatures. Your bravery in fighting Fear Creatures has been immortalized in the annals of history. Obtainable by completing the task of killing Fear Creatures for the Grizzly Adams.
Shadow of the Dark Fury 4 10 In the deep darkness, where light seldom reaches, you faced and defeated Dark Furys. Your name will become a legend among those who battle against the darkness. Obtainable by completing the task of killing Dark Furys for the Grizzly Adams.
Player Killer Slayer 3 5 You have become a guardian of order on the battlefields, eliminating those who unlawfully hunt other players. Your ability to find and defeat players with PK (Player Killer) status has become legendary. Obtainable by killing 10 players marked as PK (Player Killers), who are actively hunting others. One kill is counted per server save.
Red Skull Slayer 3 8 There is no greater satisfaction for you than eliminating the biggest threats in the arena. Players with a Red Skull, known for their brutality and ruthlessness, now think twice before crossing your path. Obtainable by defeating 3 players with a Red Skull, which is a symbol of particularly aggressive and dangerous opponents. One kill is counted per server save.
Gatherer Guru 2 6 Prove your dedication to the art of gathering by completing 10 'Easy' category missions. As a reward, you have mastered the art of efficiency and precision. Obtainable by completing 10 times 'Easy' category Daily Missions.
Hunter's Heirloom 2 8 Your persistence in hunting missions has made you a legend. Complete 10 'Medium' category missions to earn this badge of honor. Obtainable by completing 10 times 'Medium' category Daily Missions.
Craftmaster's Crest 3 10 Crafting is second nature to you. Complete 10 'Hard' category missions to show the world your skilled hands. Obtainable by completing 10 times 'Hard' category Daily Missions.
Explorer's Emblem 4 12 The world holds no secrets from you. Complete 10 'Very Hard' category missions and claim your title as the ultimate explorer. Obtainable by completing 10 times 'Very Hard' category Daily Missions.
Master of Harvest 5 14 Showcase your exceptional gathering skills by completing 10 'Expert' category missions. This achievement is a testament to your ultimate prowess in resourcefulness. Obtainable by completing 10 times 'Expert' category Daily Missions.