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Mainland Quests

Name Level (required) Reward Location
The Pirate Spirit Quest 120 Demonic Sword, Incarnated Reaver, Soul Breaker, Icy Whirlwind Wand, Titanium Crossbow, 300 Platinum Coin, 3 Gold Ingot, 50 Small Topaz, 75 Small Diamond, Red Gem, Key Ring, Divine Plate, Might Ring, Amulet of Loss, Boots of Haste Thais
The Castle Quest 120 Access to Archangel Marcus, Castle Dungeon Quest, Castle Tower Quest, Castle Warehouse Quest The Castle
Castle Dungeon Quest 70 3 Crystal Coin, 50 Small Amethyst, Sapphire Hammer and Castle Shield The Castle
Castle Tower Quest 100 Angelic Amulet, 78 Platinum Coin, 30 Coconut, Golden Amulet The Castle
Castle Warehouse Quest 130 6 Gold Ingot, Crystalline Armor and Angelic Ring The Castle
Anvers Island Quest None Access to the Anvers and Elvers islands. Thais
The Ape City Quest None Ability to buy bananas and monkey statues, ability to do Shaman Outfits Quest, and access to Forbidden Lands and Deep Banuta Port Hope
Forbidden Islands Quest 35 Ability to travel to Goroma Island, Access to further parts of Goroma and other Forbidden Islands Meriana and Goroma
Ice Islands Quest None Norseman Outfits Quest, access to ice islands (Nibelor, Helheim, Okolnir, Grimlund and Tyrsung) Svargrond
Elevator Quest None The ability to move quickly between levels using the elevator at Formorgar Mines (by about 8 minutes). Svargrond
The Hunt for the Sea Serpent Quest 65 The ability to hunt for Sea Serpents. Svargrond
Elvers Tower Quest 150 3 Crystal Coins, a Tempest Shield, an Avalanche Rune (50 charges), 30 Small Sapphires, Mana Fluid, a Berserk Potion and a Northwind Rod Elvers
Koshei the Deathless Quest 40 100 gp, Blue Legs or Koshei's Ancient Amulet. Darashia
The Inquisition Quest 100 The opportunity to perform the Demon Hunter Outfits Quest and buy the Blessings of the Inquisition also Dwarven Legs and as well as a choice of one of the rewards: Emerald Sword, Hellforged Axe, Obsidian Truncheon, Warsinger Bow, Royal Crossbow, Spellbook of Dark Mysteries, Master Archer's Armor, Fireborn Giant Armor or Robe Of The Underworld. Thais
What a foolish Quest 40 Ability to join the Jester Guild and perform Jester Outfits Quest, Jester Staff, Jester Hat Thais
Into The Bone Pit Quest 35 Death Ring Thais
Arito's Task Quest None 5,000 gp Ankrahmun
Kissing a Pig Quest 60 Firlefanz Femor Hills, Ab'Dendriel, Venore, Thais, Kazordoon, Carlin, Ghostland
To Outfox a Fox Quest None Mining Helmet Kazordoon
The Ultimate Booze Quest None Light Shovel, 1,000 gp. Venore, Kazordoon.
Hydra Egg Quest None Hydra Egg Eastern part of Tiquanda
Eleonore's Missing Ring Quest None The ability to travel on Meriana Island, 5 gp. Liberty Bay
Barbarian Test Quest None Opportunity to gain citizenship in Svargrond, fight in the arena and Mead Horn, achievement "Bearhugger" and achievement "Honorary Barbarian" Svargrond
Vampire Hunter Quest None ?
Blood Brothers Quest None ?
Pits of Inferno Quest 80 10,000 gp, Pair of Soft Boots, Backpack of Holding, Stuffed Dragon, Frozen Starlight, Ultimate Healing Rune x10, Sudden Death Rune x10, Explosion Rune x30, Heavy Magic Missile Rune x50, Ability to use a shortcut to Pits of Inferno, located on the 1st floor of the necromancer's house on the Plains of Havoc, One to choose from: Arbalest, Arcane Staff, Avenger Pits of Inferno
Vampire Shield Quest 70 Vampire Shield, Dragon Lance, Strange Symbol, Black Pearl, Mysterious Fetish Edron
Blue Djinn Quest 40 3 Small Sapphire, Gemmed Lamp, ability to trade with Haroun and Nah'Bob Ashta'daramai Fortress, and Mal'ouquah, Orc Fortress and Kazordoon
Green Djinn Quest 40 600gp, Gemmed Lamp, Ability to trade with Yaman and Alesar Ankrahmun, Carlin, Orc Fortress
Nomads Land Quest None ?
The Banshee Quest 60 100 Platinum Coin, Boots of Haste, Giant Sword, Stone Skin Amulet, Tower Shield, Stealth Ring Isle of Kings
Postman Quest None Cheaper Parcels, Letters, travel. Ability to use blocked mailboxes; Post Officer's Hat and Post Horn Post Office headquarters between Dwarven Bridge and Mount Sternum.
Nargor Island Quest None Model Ship, Opportunity to make Pirate Outfits Quest Meriana, Nargor
Laguna Islands Quest None Access to Laguna Islands Liberty Bay, Meriana
Meriana Island Quest None Access to the island of Nargor Meriana
Orc Fortress Quest 40 Knight Armor, Knight Axe, Fire Sword Orc Fortress
Family Brooch Quest None Family Brooch or the opportunity to travel to Isle of Kings Ghostland
Blessed Ankh Quest None Opportunity to descend into the catacombs at Isle of Kings and Blessed Ankh Ghostland, and Isle of Kings
Mintwallin Cyclops Quest None Small Diamond, 2 Life Fluid, Key 3610, Chain Armor, Chain Helmet, Hatchet Mintwallin
Explorer Society Quest None Crown Backpack, Ice Pick, Spectral Stone, 6 Orichalcum Pearls, ability to use teleport between Port Hope and Northport and Liberty Bay and Svargrond (using Orichalcum Pearls), ability to go underwater (Calassa and Frozen Trench), ability to buy Atlas and Crown Backpack Port Hope or Northport or Liberty Bay
Devil Helmet Quest 30 Devil Helmet, Halberd, 4 Small Sapphire Ancient Temple located near Thais
Old Mintwallin Quest None Brass Armor, Brass Helmet, Hatchet, Throwing Star Ancient Temple located near Thais
Emperor's Cookies Quest None Key 3800, Key 3801, Key 3802, 27 Cookies Kazordoon
Amazon Camp Quest None 100 gp, 2x Black Pearl, Crystal Necklace, 1 White Pearl, Skull of Ratha, Wolf Tooth Chain, Dwarven Ring Amazon Camp
Giant Smithhammer Quest None Talon, Giant Smithhammer, 100 gp. Plains of Havoc
Against the Spider Cult Quest None ? Southwestern part of Edron
Alawar's Vault Quest 17 3 White Pearl, Broadsword Senja
Annihilator Quest 100 Choose one from: Magic Sword, Stonecutter Axe, Demon Armor, Present Box containing Annihilator Bear Cave of Heroes on Edron
Appease the Mighty Quest None ? ?
Battle Axe Quest None Battle Axe Thais
Elvenbane Quest None Dwarven Shield, Morning Star, 100 Gold Coin, 2 Small Diamonds, Spellbook, Mana Fluid, Blank Rune Elvenbane
Barbarian Axe Quest None Barbarian Axe, Scimitar Southwestern part of Edron
Behemoth Quest 80 Demon Shield, Golden Armor, Guardian Halberd, Platinum Amulet, Life Ring, Crystal Ring, 3 Small Diamonds, 3 Small Sapphires Cyclopolis, on Edron
Berserker Treasure Quest None 3 White Pearl, 175 gp Southwestern part of Edron
Black Knight Quest 50 Crown Armor, Crown Shield Venore
Blessed Wooden Stake Quest None Blessed Wooden Stake Thais, Carlin, Ab'Dendriel, Kazordoon, Venore, Edron, Darashia, Ankrahmun, Liberty Bay
Blood Herb Quest None Blood Herb, which can be exchanged to Witchesbroom Green Claw Swamp near Dwarven Bridge
Bright Sword Quest 45 Bright Sword, Red Gem Outlaw Camp
Circle Room Quest 32 Dwarven Axe, War Hammer Kazordoon
Crusader Helmet Quest 35 Crusader Helmet. Kazordoon
Dark Armor Quest None Dark Armor Edron
Dark Helmet Quest 17 Dark Helmet, 4 Throwing Knife, Blank Rune, 33 gp and Key 4502 Ice Islands
Dead Archer Quest None Bow, Mana Fluid, Life Fluid, 5 Poison Arrow Thais
Deeper Fibula Quest 50 Knight Axe, Tower Shield, Dwarven Ring, Warrior Helmet, Elven Amulet, Key 3980 Fibula Dungeon
Demon Helmet Quest 100 Demon Helmet, Steel Boots, Demon Shield Edron
Demona Quest 30 Dwarven Axe, Obsidian Lance, Griffin Shield Demona
Desert Dungeon Quest 20 100 Platinum Coin, Ring of Healing, Ankh, Magic Light Wand, Protection Amulet Desert Dungeon the Jakundaf Desert
Double Hero Quest None Club Ring, Red Gem Hero Cave on Edron
Double SD Quest 60 Sudden Death Rune x6, Crystal Wand, Parchment Demona
Draconia Quest 25 Ice Rapier, Serpent Sword, Stone Skin Amulet and Energy Ring Draconia
Dragonfetish Quest None Dragonfetish Draconia
Dreamer's Challenge Quest None Bread, Wine, Certificate of Completion, Ability to teleport to various locations in the world, Membership in either the Order of Nightmare Knights or the Brotherhood of Bones (one to choose from), and the ability to do the Nightmare Outfits Quest or Brotherhood Outfits Quest Plains of Havoc
DTD Quest 35 Noble Armor, Crown Helmet Mount Sternum
Edron Goblin Quest None Steel Shield, Silver Amulet Edron
Elephant Tusk Quest None 2 Elephant Tusk Port Hope
Explorer Brooch Quest None Explorer Brooch Kazordoon
Fanfare Quest None Fanfare Carlin
Fire Axe Quest 60 Fire Axe, Ring of Healing, 7 Small Diamond, Dragon Necklace Edron
Gamel Quest None Life Ring in exchange for Life Crystal Thais
Geomancer Quest None Small Sapphire, Dwarven Ring, Small Diamond Thais and Mount Sternum
Ghoul Room Quest None Garlic Necklace, Club Ring Ancient Temple near Thais
Giant Shimmering Pearl Quest None Giant Shimmering Pearl Calassa
Goblins' Treasure Quest None Bronze Amulet, Power Ring Femor Hills
Helmet of the Ancients Quest 75 Helmet of the Ancients Ankrahmun
Inukaya Quest None Shard, 46 gp, 3 Rainbow Trout Grimlund
Iron Hammer Quest None Iron Hammer Kazordoon
Iron Helmet Quest None Iron Helmet, Sudden Death Rune, Leather Armor, Letter, Worn Leather Boots, Longsword Plains of Havoc
Life Ring Quest None Life Ring, Dragon Necklace Ancient Temple
Longsword Quest None Longsword, Mirror, 3 Blank Rune, Wooden Doll, Wedding Ring, 76 gp, Watch Dusalk's Troll Clan Cave
Mad Mage Room Quest 40 Hat of the Mad, Stone Skin Amulet, Star Amulet Thais Underground
Naginata Quest 40 Naginata North of Thais, next to Alatar's Lake
Necromancer Quest 60 Blue Robe, Skull Staff, Medusa Shield Darashia, Drefia
Obsidian Knife Quest None Obsidian Knife Kazordoon and Ab'Dendriel
Orc Shaman Quest None Backpack, Magic Light Wand, Axe Ring and Blank Rune Northeast of Venore
Ornamented Shield Quest None Bag, Key 3702, Might Ring, Dragon Necklace, Spike Sword, Book, Ornamented Shield, Steel Helmet, Inkwell Plains of Havoc
Panpipe Quest None 2 Small Amethyst, Panpipes, Power Ring Jakundaf Desert
Paradox Tower Quest 30 Two rewards to choose from: 10k gp, Wand of Cosmic Energy, 32 Talons, Phoenix Egg Paradox Tower near Kazordoon
Parchment Room Quest None Key 6010, Stealth Ring, 2 Talons, Skull, Bone Edron
Plate Armor Quest None Plate Armor Ghost Ship
Poison Daggers Quest None 2x Poison Dagger, 30x Poison Arrow Edron
Power Bolts Quest None 5 Power Bolts, 12 Burst Arrows, Two Handed Sword, Book Plains of Havoc
Rest in Hallowed Ground Quest None ? ?
Sam's Old Backpack Quest 35 Dwarven Armor Orc Fortress, Thais, Kazordoon
Scale Armor Quest None Scale Armor Thais
Shadowthorn Quest None Time Ring, 2 Small Sapphire, Elven Amulet, Crystal Ball, Life Fluid, Mana Fluid, 30 Burst Arrow, 60 Poison Arrow Shadowthorn
Shaman Treasure Quest None 3 Blank Rune Edron
Silver Brooch Quest None Silver Brooch, 2x Small Ruby, 3x Small Diamond. Green Claw Swamp
Six Rubies Quest None 6x Small Ruby Thais, Ancient Temple
Skeleton Decoration Quest None Skeleton Decoration, Shard, 89 gp. Tyrsung
Spike Sword Quest None Spike Sword Between Thais and Venore
Steal from Thieves Quest None ? ?
Stealth Ring Quest None Stealth Ring, Protection Amulet Dark Pyramid
Steel Helmet Quest None Steel Helmet, Scroll, 105 gp Mountains west of Kazordoon
Sweaty Cyclops Quest None The ability to smelt metals: Piece of Hell Steel, Piece of Royal Steel, Piece of Draconian Steel and Huge Chunk of Crude Iron, as well as making Infernal Bolts Ab'Dendriel
Thais Lighthouse Quest None Dark Shield, Battle Hammer Thais
The Exterminator Quest None Small Amethyst, Small Emerald, Small Ruby, Small Sapphire Carlin
The Travelling Trader Quest 21 Ability to trade with Rashid All towns.
Throwing Star Quest None 10x Throwing Star Ancient Temple
To Blind the Enemy Quest None ? ?
Tower Defence Quest None ? ?
Triangle Tower Quest None Garlic Necklace, Dwarven Ring, 2x Small Sapphire Triangle Tower (south of Dwarven Bridge)
Triple UH Rune Quest None 3x Ultimate Healing Rune Edron
Troll Cave Quest None Brass Legs, Garlic Necklace Edron
Voodoodoll Quest None Voodoo Doll (King), Magic Light Wand Green Claw Swamp
Waterfall Quest None Pirate Backpack, Pirate Hat, Dwarven Ring Nearby Forbidden Lands on Tiquanda
White Pearl Quest None White Pearl Ankrahmun
Ice Mammoth Quest 150 Ice Mammoth, Vampire Shield, Ice Rapier, 90 Platinum Coin, 40 Small Topaz, Crystal Backpack Elvers
Fermur Island Quest 150 Access to the Fermur island. Elvers
Ice Dragon Quest 70 Ice Rune, 80 Platinum Coins, Mana Fluid, 8 Blue Crystal Shards and a Royal Helmet. Elvers
Fermur Crypt Quest 150 Access to the crypt with Sight of Surrenders Fermur
Fermur Ship Quest 150 Shortcut possibilities between Fermur and Elvers Fermur
Warlock's Chambers Quest 100 Dragon Scale Mail, 200 Assassin Stars, 5 Green Crystal Shards, 15 Violet Crystal Shards, Queen's Sceptre, a Wand of Draconia, a Spellbook of Mind Control. Anvers
Fermur Hell Quest 150 Opportunities to face the Gaz'haragoth Fermur

Outfit Quests

Name Level (required) Reward Location
Shaman Outfits Quest None Shaman Outfits Banuta and Sabrehaven
Demon Hunter Outfits Quest None Demon Hunter Outfits Thais
Jester Outfits Quest 30 Jester Outfits Thais
Pirate Outfits Quest None Pirate Outfits Meriana
Norseman Outfits Quest None Norseman Outfits Hjaern (Nibelor)
Brotherhood Outfits Quest None Brotherhood Outfits The Bone Master (Dream Realm)
Nightmare Outfits Quest None Nightmare Outfits The Dream Master (Dream Realm)
Beggar Outfits Quest None Beggar Outfits Hugo (Venore)
Assassin Outfits Quest None Assassin Outfits Vescu (Tiquanda), Erayo (Laguna Islands), Atrad (Goroma)
Golden Outfit Quest None Golden Outfit Addons Thais, Carlin, Kazordoon

Addons Quests

Name Level (required) Reward Location
Citizen Addons Quest None Citizen Addons Hanna (Thais) and Lubo
Hunter Addons Quest None Hunter Addons Elane in Thais
Knight Addons Quest None Knight Addons Thais and Sabrehaven
Mage Addons Quest None Mage Addons Women: Sandra (Edron), Myra (Port Hope), Men: Angelina (Dark Cathedral), Zoltan (Edron)
Summoner Addons Quest None Summoner Addons (Dark Cathedral) and Zoltan (Edron), Men: Sandra (Edron) and Myra (Port Hope)
Warrior Addons Quest None Warrior Addons Trisha (Carlin), Morgan (Sabrehaven)
Nobleman Addons Quest None Nobleman Addons Irmana (Venore)
Barbarian Addons Quest None Barbarian Addons Bron (Northport)
Wizard Addons Quest None Wizard Addons Lugri (Thais), The Queen of the Banshees (Ghostland)
Oriental Addons Quest None Oriental Addons Razan, Habdel (men), Ishina, Miraia (women) (Darashia)
Druid Addons Quest None Druid Addons Ceiron (Ab'Dendriel), Ustan (Port Hope)

Rookgaard Quests

Name Level (required) Reward Location
Amber's Lost tebook Quest None Notebook, which exchanges for a Short Sword. Rookgaard
Bear Room Quest None Brass Helmet, Backpack, 40 gp, Chain Armor, 12 Arrows, Jug, Plate, Cup, Key 4601 Rookgaard
Captain Iglues Treasure Quest None 2 Salmon, Stamped Letter, Bag + 12 Salmons from the crate next to it (this is not a Quest, they respawn there). Rookgaard
Combat Knife Quest None Combat Knife. Rookgaard
Doublet Quest None Doublet Rookgaard
Dragon Corpse Quest None Copper Shield , Legion Helmet , Bag. Rookgaard
Goblin Temple Quest None 50 gp, 4 Snowballs, Sandals, 5 Small Stone, Pan, Bag, Milk. Rookgaard
Katana Room Quest None Katana, Viking Helmet Rookgaard
Small Health Potion Quest None Pan, which is exchanged for Life Fluid. Rookgaard
Minotaur Hell Quest None Carlin Sword, 4 Poison Arrows, 10 Arrows, and Fishing Rod. Rookgaard
Present Box Quest None Present Box, which is exchanged for Legion Helmet Rookgaard
Rapier Quest None Rapier Rookgaard
Rat Quest None 2 gp Rookgaard
Small Axe Quest None Small Axe which you can exchange for a Pick Rookgaard
Studded Legs Quest None Honey Flower which we exchange for Studded Legs Rookgaard
Studded Shield Quest None Banana which you exchange for Studded Shield Rookgaard
Troch Quest None Torch Rookgaard

Rookgaard Addons Quests

Name Level (required) Reward Location
Citizen Addons Quest (Rookgaard) None Citizen Addons
Druid Addon Quest (Rookgaard) None Druid Addon